Are you ready to write your book?

  •  Do you want write a book and you’re putting it off?
  • Are you wondering how to get started and what to do to get your knowledge, insights and wisdom out of you and onto the blank page?
  •  Or perhaps you’ve begun to write your book and you’re feeling stuck …

If you have been thinking about writing your book, and you’re not sure of the steps or how to go about getting your experiences, and thoughts ideas out of you and into book form, you’ll be amazed by how easy it can be when you have the steps to follow.

If you are ready for the personal and professional transformation and credibility that having your book written and published can bring you, join Nadine Love for your Writer’s Retreat so that you can become a published author in 2014!

Round TableYou’ll learn the essential steps to turn your book concept into your completed book that shares your unique message and your stories in your authentic voice.

You’ll experience profound personal and professional transformation when you write and publish your book.

You’ll experience increased personal credibility; expert status, exposure and legitimacy in your business when you’re a published author.

Having your book available to inspire and instruct others creates a difference for you, your readers, your business and Our world!

Register now for Nadine Love’s fun, focused Writer’s retreat packed full of everything you need to know to boost your creativity, productivity and book- writing abilities!

You’ll even get to launch your book in style at the Love Books Festival in 2014.

You’ll find out

  • How to clarify your thoughts and organize them into your book
  • How to tap into your passion, be productive and refine and improve your writing
  • How to build the confidence and determination you need to complete and publish your book
  • How to communicate your unique message (and your life-stories) in your authentic voice
  • The insider information on the self-publishing and traditional publishing options available and how to decide your best options
  • How to create your big, bold book plan so that you can follow the steps to get your book out of you, onto the page and published
  • How to build your platform, reach your potential readers and get your book out into the world

Your next opportunity to attend your writer’s retreat is February 11-13th 2014


Just in from participants on the December Writer’s Retreat:Arabella Group


I 100% believe that this is the only way to gain real leverage in any market.

“Thanks again for this excellent workshop. Talk about learning curve and value packed! And it is just the beginning of the journey.

I am so fortunate to have the benefit of all your experience and knowledge as I move forward with this. I 100% believe that this is the only way to gain real leverage in any market.

I am completely committed to this and am excited about it also!   Really wonderful, Nadine.  And thanks again for the accommodation and the wonderful nourishment both physical and spiritual.

Susan Hill, Lawyer, Specialist Lawyers Coach, Sydney, NSW, Australia


An inspiring, truly life changing event …

“Still coming back to earth after three fabulous days at the Nadine Love‘s Writers Retreat.

For me an inspiring, truly life changing event shared with some wonderful colleagues and the magical Nadine. Buzzing today with all the things I have firmly set in train for the remainder of this year and the plans for next.

Helen Ryan, QLD, Australia


Pulling the book out of myself and seeing just what a vast difference that makes to my life!

I’m a futurist and I was incredibly interested to write a book. So I came on Nadine Love’s course and I’d like to say what an amazing event this has been to me. The most useful part of this course has been understanding really what a book can do for me, for my business. The other side, which is probably the biggest part of me is the transformation of pulling the book out of myself and seeing just what a vast difference that makes to my life. So thank you Nadine. It’s been an incredible journey.

Derek Hayward, QLD, Australia


Easy To understand. Easy to Apply. So much Fun!

I just had fabulous three days with Nadine and her team on Writers Retreat. Having Nadine my mentor for the last two years, I knew she was the best person to take me on the writers journey as well and its been absolutely wonderful. With her system, it’s been easy.

Each piece was broken down into pieces that were easy to understand, easy to apply. And now I have the chapters are going to my book, the title, why I’m doing it, and looking forward to exactly what I have planned for the next 12 months. It’s a beautiful journey.  I highly recommend it. I had so much fun. And I know you will to – this is your chance to do it.

Kim Taylor, Ultimate Speaker, QLD, Australia 

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