So, What do You do?  8 Reasons You Must Know Your Core Song and the 7 Essential Ingredients of Your Transformational Message

Can you relate to this?

“So, Sally, what is it exactly that you do?” Enquired clean-cut Dan of the black-suited, willowy woman next to him.  She felt compelled to look down,  and studied his shiny pointed shoes for inspiration as she struggled to line up what to say.

It would have been hard to miss Sally’s reluctance to answer. She swallowed hard and silently prayed Dan’s blue eyes would not glaze over as she started to talk.

Familiar old inner chatter distracted her even more. “Will I bore him? He could be a great client … or know someone … This is painful… Here I am at the the ICFA Coach Conference, hoping to network and I can’t find my words.”

Sally! This article is for you. And For YOU so that you’re clear about why you must have your message prepared and what to consider when you put your transformational conversation together.

What will having a clear message give to you (and Sally!)?

Certainty:   The world is uncertain by it’s very nature. When you can say who you are, how you deliver what you do and how what you do creates a positive difference you’re easily able to attract clients who are a match for your services. Those who are not a match, will filter themselves out saving you time, resources and effort.Just Do It

Confidence:  As you put your message into words and you share, declare and live your life on message, your capacity to trust who you are increases. As you build competence in speaking and acting on your message your confidence grows.

Command:   It’s easy to see the people that stand out because they have a natural self-mastery, poise and effortless command. These are the attractive leading lights who exude a magnetism that ensures their success. When you know what you are about – you can have this dynamic command,too.  Knowing your message improves your relationship with who you are and therefore every other relationship and opportunity that comes your way.

Direction:   Knowing your message determines your direction, and assists you to know when you’re off track. Once you have honed your transformational message and it has “popped” or “landed,”  your outcomes self-define. This means that your next steps are obvious. You can always be guided by your core song.

Momentum:  Positive change requires momentum. Your transformational message provides the catalyst as well as the continuing movement to keep growth, learning and giving alive and thriving.

Choice:   Decision making becomes easy! Every choice you make in your personal and professional life can be guided by your message. Any decision you’re called to make has to stack up against your message and align with it. If you know and live your message and you take a decision that steers you off track, you’ll feel incongruent and experience constriction rather than expansion.  Effects can be felt in your health, finances and relationships when your message is ignored or overridden.

What a relief it is to know what you’re about and to be able to wrap words around it! Whilst it is true that labelling and putting oneself in a box is limiting – when you find what you are about at the very heart of you, when you identify what makes you tick and motivates you, when you experience consistent vitality and a sense of purpose and being on your calling, then that is the evolution of true freedom.

True freedom comes from recognising your essence and living from that magnificent space.

Purpose:   Your message assists you to identify and talk about your purpose and, as importantly, it helps other people to understand what you’re about. This factor is crucial in discovering relationships that will sustain, nurture and support; attracting and signing clients and bringing in outstanding opportunities.

When, like a skilled craftsman, you have carved your message out in your own language, when you have captured the spirit of your meaning and what it is specifically that you have to share, when you have polished up your differences and shed light on the unique ways in which you are here to serve – then the answer to the question “What is my purpose?” becomes “What is my unique service?”, , C

Now that you have some important reasons to recognise and shape your message into a gem that can be shared, you might like to know:

What makes a transformational message? 

1. Inclusion

2. Expansion

3. Awareness

4. Greater Acceptance

5. Collaboration with Ecology

6. Holding Others in Your Heart

7. Flexibility to Change for the Good of All

Here’s to your clear transformational message and creating your difference in the world!Your Moment


P.S. If you’d like to get clearer on how you can discover the layers of your authentic, aligned message you can discover how to uncover your Personal Umbrella Mission on Page 55 of my book Hot ConfidenceHC-Wrapbook300dp

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