If you fully believed that you were actively creating your future in this moment, would you be doing anything differently?

Meet Samantha and Kylie. They are both highly educated, talented, and skilled women. They both elicited and developed their own unique systems for success. They put these systems into their own words, outlining the steps necessary to move from being stuck and filled with lack and despair to a happy, healthy, abundant state in which they are inspiring examples for others. Samantha and Kylie have what they need to share their gifts to assist humanity.

In spite of all Kylie knows, she chooses to keep her system, skills, and expertise locked away – chained, covered, and garaged as if it were a fancy, fast car – a prize to keep hidden from sight. Kylie’s waiting for that perfect opportunity to take it for a spin. Meanwhile, her sleek, fast car’s tires are going flat.

Kylie opts for bus rides, cycle rides, camel rides, any rides – she’ll even go on foot (or play tennis) instead of taking her prized possession out for a spin. If only she’d hop in and feel the plush leather, let the top down, and enjoy the wind in her hair; if only she’d explore the country lanes, beaches, mountain passes, and peaks in her fast car, she might discover even more about herself and her purpose.

Kylie feels it’s “alright for other people who are successful” to show off their fast cars, but she doesn’t consider sharing hers. She seems unaware of the joy, inspiration, and motivation she might afford others if she would only slide into the driver’s seat and take the wheel. She’s waiting for the steering wheel to come and get her, or for the paint to acquire that certain patina, or for…. a more compelling future.

The purr of the engine of her special message is becoming a distant memory as she fills her days with Facebook and the frameworks of other experts. Odds are her ideal future is slipping further and further away as she watches her resources dwindle and her weight pile on.

Samantha is constantly polishing her fast car. She takes it out for rides at all hours of the day and night. She visits new spaces and places and challenges herself to roll out her system in new, different, and exciting ways. Almost before she had learned the idiosyncrasies of her fast car, she hit the open road and was up for all the experiences she could have – the challenging and the sublime.

That’s not to say Samantha doesn’t have difficult days. Just this week, in the midst of applying herself to a swathe of new skills she needs to create marketing copy and post it to her website, she dissolved into despondent tears. But her agony was short-lived, and she quickly revived her appreciation of the grace, durability, and purpose of her business.

Samantha sees each bump in the road as a learning experience, and she’s hungry for perspectives that enrich her understanding. She’s always searching for ways to share her newfound wisdom with others. She delights in attending to her fast car and adds customized accessories with flair. Her attention is on the difference she will make in the world as a professional woman who is able to overcome her fears and speak authentically in public, and her heart backs her up on this intention.

Samantha is on a mission to serve. She gets out of her own way.

She’s excited when I share with her that she is creating her best future by engaging so productively, positively, and honestly in the present. Her dynamic now is becoming her preferred future. She loves learning how to handle her elegant sports car. She knows she will teach many others how to drive their fast cars and surpass their dreams as they speed happily, healthily, and wealthily along the roadways of their choosing.

Are you like Samantha – exhilarated, present, and committed to discovering what you’re made of and clarifying how to share that for the greater good of all? Or do you relate more to Kylie, piling on the pounds while the notion of your fast car rusts in the wreckage of self-sabotage?

Perhaps you are neither. You may yet be seeking your unique fast car and how to clarify and communicate your message.

Wherever you are on the road to sharing your message, self-knowledge is a powerful thing. From this place you can choose to make your present into an active principle – or not. Consider the cost of not driving in the present – to you, to your loved ones, and to those you have yet to meet.

“The Future is not an empty space, but an active principle in the present.” —Ivana Milojevic

As I say in my book Hot Confidence: You get to choose.

To your magnificence, heath, and happiness


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