When your awareness meets meaningfully with practical action, your core message can catalyse positive transformation globally and close to home.

Lisa and I struck up a warm conversation in the park.  Our daughters, who’d just met, played together like long lost friends, on the swings and slides. Our discussion came around to life.

Lisa had hit a hard place and she opening up to me. “I’ve recently discovered personal development and positive psychology.” she almost whispered.  “I’ve started applying affirmations to my day, and putting out for what I want. I do feel better, yet nothing seems to be changing. I really am asking for what I want …” her voice tapered away. Then she asked thoughtfully: “Do you think this stuff works?”

“Fantastic that you’re applying affirmations and asking for what you want. Lisa, I believe success in life rides on two tracks.  The part that’s too often missing is taking the actions that are going to get you the results you want.”

The first time I offered this, it was as though she didn’t hear me. Lisa continued: “I’m seeing what I want. It should just start happening, right?”

Well, not in my experience, anyhow….”  The conversation we had may well be relevant to your message, too.  Read on …

Brendon Burchard teaches that a clear message has four components so that it is enduring and relevant.

They are:

  • Theoretical
  • Tactical
  • Transformational
  • Transcendent

The theoretical aspect sits at the base of a triangle which reaches to Transcendent at it’s pinnacle. Transcendent means that at the highest level of intention your personal or business message speaks to a societal theme or need such as love, peace, health, security, prosperity, happiness or the providing opportunities.

Transcendant Messages of this calibre are lasting, memorable and create a difference in the world. That’s how come we remember the message of Nike “Just do it” or Apple ” Think Different” or Dr Martin Luther King, Junior ” I have a dream.”

It’s all very well to dream and set intentions – there’s a second half to having your message make waves in the world.

In my trainings,  I add my 5A’s You Must Know To Leave A Legacy, to Brendon’s four great points. Here they are for you:

1. Awareness

You need to know your message, who it’s primarily for and what positive impact you intend your core song to have. Also have an awareness that your message will have outcomes you couldn’t imagine, haven’t thought of yet, and touch people in ways you may never even know about!

2 & 3. Accessible & Available

When you know what it is you’re about and what you want to contribute then make your message widely available and accessible.

I’ve spent years hidden on seventeen acres on an Island in New Zealand,  expecting people just to know what I do. The fact is – why should anyone have bothered to find out? Now I see those years as lost opportunities to assist countless thousands of people to grow, to learn, to love and to give! How could “they” have known, if I was not bold enough or driven enough to get off the hill, out of my gate and talking to people about the bright possibilities of change.

Make what you know accessible and available. Sing it out. You are the solution someone has been seeking. They don’t know you’re a bright light if you choose not to flip your switch and shine out.

4. Adaptable

Your message will sustain and reach a wide number of people,  if you can adapt the way you share it. Let’s be clear here. Always stay true to your message. You can deliver your message can be in many ways. I mean, vary the words you select, mix and match your mode of delivery: on and off-line, audio, video, published and spoken.

It’s essential to stay on message and true.  Always. The way you communicate your transformational message depends on the emotional resonance you can build with your audience, prospects and clients.

5. Actionable

Your transformational, transcendent message must be do-able! This is where your confidence, success and fulfilment rests.
When you land practical ways to get your unique song out into the world so that others can become a community, applying what you have shared in order to improve the quality of their lives in some way, then you are leaving a legacy. Actionable transcendent, transformational messages are legacy builders.

As you create your transcendent message as tools for positive change, you’re sewing the seeds of your uniqueness in the garden of an optimistic future – even for those yet to be born.

Here’s to your transformational, transcendent and actionable message so that you can leave Your magnificent Legacy!

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