Meaningful, life-affirming experiences usually show up with no warning and when least expected. And so it was that on an seasonably wet and cold morning, characterized by the usual start-of-the-week hubbub in our family as we worked to get our six-year-old cherub to school in time for the bell.

If I ever had a moment’s doubt about spending my time and resources passionately supporting the movement for positive transformation in the world, one person at a time, in order to create a resilient, conscious, global community that we’re delighted to be a part of, that brief shadow would have been squarely taken care of by the gratitude, humility, and joy I felt that early Monday morning.

We tumbled through the open school gate, an oversized schoolbag slipping from my right shoulder, and Mira, my daughter, firmly dragging on my laden arm in the direction from which we’d come, almost bumping another mother who might have been a carbon copy of me! Her daughter was about Mira’s age and showing the same reticence to head to her classroom. As my eyes met with the other mother’s, I saw her cheeks flush and a smile break across her weekend-wearied face. (For many parents weekends are far more exhausting than the pressures of even the most demanding job!)

“Nadine Love! This is perfect! You’re Nadine Love!” she exclaimed. She stopped on the narrow path so that our way was blocked. “I saw the article on you and the book in the paper. I picked up my copy of Pebbles in the Pond at Books on Buderim and …” Her eyes filled with tears. She whispered, “I’ve always wanted to write my story and … and … I’ve started! Thank you. It may not be any good,” she spluttered. “But I’ve always wanted to write, and now I have begun.” Her little girl pulled her away, clearing the way.Pebbles In The Pond

“Mama, why are you crying? You’ve helped Michelle’s mother,” Mira stated in her matter of fact way as we headed to her classroom.

I had followed my heart and had done what I knew I had to do, and that tiny pebble in a pond had created a ripple. That’s what it’s all about for me. My deepest fulfillment is creating pebbles and placing them out there. What fulfills you?

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