If you’re out there still sitting on the fence about setting yourself even a few clear visions, goals and outcomes for 2013 – then this is for you. Believe me, I know how your anxiety can build when it seems as though everyone around you know what they want, or at least has a sense of where they’re heading. Meanwhile, your pond is muddy and far from clear and possible pathways disappear in a mirage of confusion. The harder you try to capture the fireflies that may lead toward your destiny, the faster they dart in opposing directions. Can you relate to that? I know how frustrating it can be to caught in the quicksand of wondering what’s next, when all about you seem on track. It’s excruciating, isn’t it? Not to mention harsh on the old self-esteem.

The purpose of this article is to inspire you to chose just something, to put that into your own words, notice how it could look, sound and feel to you – and then motivate you towards the first small, easy step to making your 2013 more of what you’d prefer. As 2012 rolled in I’d set some really clear intentions. Having moved through the mire of some conflicting emotions, it was time to decide! (This is a great tip: decide when it’s time to make a choice. I’m going to be cheeky here – get over yourself and make a decision it’s time!)

In September of 2011 I declared 2012 “Year of the Book” and decided I would have three books published by the end of 2012. Let me qualify. When I meant books I didn’t mean ebooks or books written by some shadow writer: I meant “real books”. Books that meant something, looked and felt beautiful, were well written by me fully and completely and above, all, books that created a difference in the world. I also determined to have wonderful high-end-clients – change-makers in their own right – who could utilise my knowledge, practical systems and expertise to benefit their lives personally and professionally.

I decided to change the structure of my working week, moving away from a model of sessional mentoring to exclusive full day packages with the majority of my clients who fly in from all over the world, attending for an average of eight days to facilitate superlative positive transformation of themselves and their businesses.

Another important goal was to have a holiday. I confess I’m a unashamed workaholic in recovery, and so the thought of taking time out was hugely stressful for me – though delicious when we did it! I’m all set to have two good breaks in the coming year! (Pushing the boat out, I know …)

A no-excuses approach meant that each of these objectives was met and surpassed: Hot Confidence: Conscious Pathways to Take You From Mini-Me to Magnificent and the Hot Confidence Workbook are in print and enjoying awesome feedback; My chapter “Born Free” appears in Pebbles In the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time compiled by Christine Kloser. I did write an ebook titled Transformational Questioning for Coaches. These books are creating positive change. I’m loving working with exceptional clients within the structure that allows me to live my life on my terms. I’ve created more time to be with Mira who turns seven on Valentine’s day 2013, more income and time for study – which will involve a Phd in the coming year. That’s another story. So, the gist of my invitation to you, right now, is to:

  • give yourself permission to decide on something, anything
  • work out what it will take you to make it happen
  • get the support you need to fulfil your dream (perhaps a coach or mentor who’s been there before so you can get there with guidance, faster and without making unnecessary mistakes)
  • just do it!

The very first step is to set your mind to your goal for your greater good and the good of all, align your heart and back all of that with action. Then enjoy the unfoldment as your dream becomes a reality. It worked for me! To your magnificence, clarity and the inevitable unfoldment of your successes Nadine P.S. I named 2012 Year of the Book what do you declare 2013 to be for you? (This level of focus and clear language brings your outcomes in. It’s worth considering, hm?

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