Do you have a creative time of day?

I wonder whether you’ve noticed that you have a natural rhythm, an authentic internal organising principle which when you’re attentive to it and you make the space in your life to listen flow is inevitable.

One of the first questions Dr Joe Dispenza asks of his audiences is “Did you create your day today?”

What a wonderful reminder that our thoughts form our reality. If you know this, then what would prevent you waking every morning and seeing, feeling and hearing the day exactly as you would have it be and so much more.

If you want to take this to a whole new level that will up the stakes of inevitably experiencing your best life: experience yourself as if you had already achieved a day that surpassed your imaginings!

If you want to write a book, then see yourself having already written your book, at your book launch party rocking to the tune of celebrating your first hundred books in the hands your readers – who are already benefitting from your transformational message. If you want to sign that first paying client on your coaching program, then see yourself already working with a committed client who has made profound personal changes in his/her life as a result of working with you. If you want to be more confident and step into your life with the poise, ease and grace of someone who’s on purpose in life – then know yourself right now as that radiant individual. Welcome the version of you filled with solid self-belief, bold in the expression of your music, your magic, your brilliance.

Here comes the action piece:

Frame your day with who it is you have to be and what it is you have to do to bring the successes your body being now knows you’re destined for, into your choices today.

Everything I’m inviting you to do,  I do.  Let’s talk timing.

When I want to have a productive outcome. I know what happens when I sacrifice my flow times and zones.  One of those times is my best exercise zone, first thing in the morning, If I omit my early morning walk,  and mow into breakfast first, my day is impacted in ways that sometimes I just have to accept.

I’m an 11 am engager. By that I mean the intelligence of my body-mind moves me to action at 11am. That’s when I enter my best writing zone. My energy and focus seem to naturally converge.

If I take heed of my inner impulse, my best work is done in the hours that follow 11am.  I feel a nudge to centre myself and let my fingers find my keyboard whether it’s weekday or weekend,  I’m on holiday or at home home, this side of the world or the other.

Having attended Doreen Virtue’s glittering morning segment of the  Hay House I Can Do It Event, Sydney, Australia I was propelled to return to the quiet of my room to write. I figured Doreen, author of over seventy books and twenty four card decks, would understand how important the flow zone is.

I’d had no conscious awareness of the time, yet as I opened my MacAir, all set to write this for you, the the time was 11.01. I chuckled out loud. Bang on and in flow in my zone.  When is your time to engage?

Once you’ve identified your connect, engage and create time, and you have fully experienced yourself as having already achieved your most successful outcomes thereby understanding who you need to be and what you need to accomplish to get there.

Swing in self-discipline.

The only place to flow is  the other side of “go”!

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