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When you know what exactly it takes build your confidence, you’re good to go – right?

In this video I explain the confidence-competence loop and what you need to make conscious in order to become unconsciously competent and, therefore confident. Intrigued? Jump in the Saddle!

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In this short video you’ll discover the connection between your competence in an area and the confidence you have in yourself and your abilities.

You’ll find our how unconscious incompetence is the very first stage, when you don’t even know that there are steps to master to achieve something.

When you know that there are things you need to learn, you enter the stage of conscious incompetence. For example, you find yourself sitting in front of a computer screen, trying to figure out how to make sense of your new Facebook page. You know there are things you need to find out to post and interest your friends, yet you’re not quite up to speed on what to do first to set yourself up for success.

Once you’ve figured out the basics you are know there are things that you need to make your own so that your page engages and creates conversation. This is the stage of conscious incompetence. You know what you need to do and you’re practicing to get your social media moves smooth.

The day finally arrives when you wake to a thousand likes, you could post, comment, share and create an event in your sleep and Facebook feels like a member of your family. This is the stage when you feel supremely confident – you’re reached unconscious competence.

And so the loop begins again every time you choose to learn a new skill.

The confidence-competence loop keeps your brain agile, your humility levels high and your life a fascinating adventure!

I trust you found this post useful!

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