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I believe the only questions we ask as enlightened souls when we’re ready to soar to the light at the end of our lives are these:

Did I love?

Was I loved?

Did I inspire others to love?

Nadine Love

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Especially for Writers

Apply this simple acronym to take your writing to another level. “Do you know about PEEL, Mama?”  Mira’s eyes danced as she gave me a gift.  I’d like to it share with you. My six year old daughter, Mira returned from school with PEEL. I...

Compelling Conversations for Change

Inspiring revolutionary thought is about stimulating dialogue between leaders, experts, and trailblazers who are willing to ask the bold questions that catalyze change. Christine Kloser brought together a faculty of luminaries from the publishing world including...

What Fulfills You?

Meaningful, life-affirming experiences usually show up with no warning and when least expected. And so it was that on an seasonably wet and cold morning, characterized by the usual start-of-the-week hubbub in our family as we worked to get our six-year-old cherub to...

Global Ripple Released!

Signing the Positive Transformation Spiral with Love   It’s extraordinary to watch as people melt into pages you have written, entranced! The feeling of purposeful connection to something greater, and that of gratitude and deep humility for being part of a...