Soaking up the ambiance at the new raw cafe, Ground, my passion-o-meter peaked. My heart rate soared. It wasn’t the delicious mango smoothie made with coconut milk that raised the blush to my cheeks. It was the great question I was asked! “So, what themes in your book do you believe are relevant to current news topics?” purred the interviewer.

As the world tumbles into financial collapse, the dwindling of natural resources, and global warming, mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and psychosomatic ailments are at an all-time high. Hot Confidence: Conscious Pathways to Take You from Mini-Me to Magnificent offers frameworks for personal resilience and taking responsibility for mental and emotional states of being, focusing on identifying strengths and purpose, and guiding the reader through multiple tools for clearing blocks and obstacles to wellbeing.

Change and uncertainty are certain in life. Hot Confidence delivers clear strategies and guidance for dealing with fear, loss, change, shame, guilt, and self-sabotage, and pathways for building the self-esteem buffer necessary to have the flexibility to live life resourcefully, whatever the external circumstances.

Major companies such as Coca-Cola, and government departments including education and libraries, are seeking the mentorship of futures experts such as Dr. Sohail Inayatullah, Tony Stevenson, and Peter Diamandis to assist them in identifying preferred possible futures and how to get there. Individuals are seeking meaning and grappling to make sense of the present (and past) in order to construct futures that meet – and surpass – their dreams. Hot Confidence is about assisting readers to recover choices and re-engage their unique brilliance, individual strength, and magnificence. Organizations and communities are made up of individuals, capable of so much more when confidence, self-belief, and self-love powers through their veins.

Hot Confidence equips readers with a proven formula for freeing themselves from inner fear so they can live boldly and authentically, expressing their talents and unique messages.

I believe fear and self-doubt are at the root of disharmony, discord, and pain.

Fears and doubts fester beneath all illness, disease, and lack. And war. I’m on a mission, through my books, products, and services, to paint peace, conscious productivity for good, and collective co-operation across our planet through facilitating positive personal transformation, self-knowledge, and self-love.

The message I stand behind is that everyone has a unique talent – brilliant ideas, strengths, or skills – to contribute; it’s just a question of having the confidence and self-esteem to step up and engage the very best of self in every moment. Every moment counts. The future is being created in the dynamic now. There is no time to lose if we are going to see our world through times of uncertainty and change into a new paradigm in which we are delighted to co-exist in peace, harmony, opportunity, and wealth, with all and for all.

If we are to weather the inevitable world shifts and construct a loving, peaceful new paradigm in which our children are safe and celebrated for their unique talents, then it is crucial to step up and become magnetic leaders for good.

Hot Confidence has an important role to play in this quest for the restoration of humanity’s soul – one person at a time.

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