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“How you you perceive yourself?”  slashed across the student-filled training room and landed in my heart. What a great question. I stood out front and grappled for an inspiring answer.

I’m still thinking about it.

I didn’t answer directly.  Or fully.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I wonder what you’d answer. Is the answer to the question “How you you perceive yourself?” the response you’d like to live with?

My first attempt at answering was a soft-touch mumble, claiming the words “Change-Agent”. That sure wasn’t peppy, pithy and precise enough.  Nope, that didn’t go the distance.

I ramped up the passion.

In my second attempt, I mooted “What I think of myself doesn’t matter”. (The language I used was a touch more colorful!)  I don’t matter in the scheme of things. What is most important is what what I can do be a person who:

  •  is worthy of being a transformational guideselfperception apple
  •  an outstanding role model for my daughter
  • is serving humanity
  • holds a value that each place I go might be better off in some way for my having been there
  • is committed to loving, learning, growing and giving

That isn’t the whole story either!

If it’s so that your thoughts influence your reality and your experience of your world, then self perception does matter!

What you think about yourself contributes majorly to your life experience, your health, happiness, wealth and relationships.  Furthermore,  if you know your preferred outcomes, there are a set of self-perceptions it’s useful to cultivate in order to achieve and surpass your dreams.

selfperceptioncatSelf-perception impacts all your results. For example: If it is so that health and creating a difference through my life-work and message matter to me, then the following self-perceptions are useful one’s (I share these with you, to inspire you to think of the most resourceful self-perceptions you could take on in order to get the results you’re looking for

I see myself as a best-selling Author
I see myself as well, whole and complete
I have everything I need within me right now
I see myself as fully competent and capable
I see myself as an outstanding Master -Mentor and – Coach

All of these self-perceptions feed into having a clear sense of possible outcomes.

Self-perception is a powerful piece to master. It plugs right into self-belief, self-confidence and self-worth.  It has served me well to live into being the person I aspire to be right now. In practice that means many things.

There’s momentum when self-perception aligns with purpose, passion and action. If you’re seeking a rapid reality shift, then extraordinary possibilities can root and grow when your self perception aligns with your direction.  This is true, because our beliefs create our values.selperceptionholdtheworld

The deeper aspects of this conversation tap into understanding how self-perception is formed and taking the actions necessary to shift self-perception into alignment with your goals, visions, quest, mission and legacy. Now we’re talking!

Taoist philosophy suggests the minute you label who you are you limit who you might become. On the other hand when you can put your thoughts into words it becomes possible to have that which you’re considering.

As human beings, we’re dynamic and evolving. Therefore, my answer today to the question “How you you perceive yourself?”  may not be the same as the answer I might give tomorrow.

Here’s a quality variation

“What self-perception must you have in order to attract a wonderful, meaningful, fun and fulfilling relationship into your life?”

penguinloveIf you are already in an intimate relationship, try this one on:

“What self-perceptions would take your relationship into the realms of  extraordinary?”

That’s an awesome valentine’s question, isn’t it?

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