Are you setting aside time to dream, vision and focus on how you would like yourself and your life to be by this time next year?

It’s time to evaluate what worked over the last eleven months and what didn’t. If you haven’t already blocked out time in your diary to give yourself the space to mull over the areas of your life, to acknowledge those things that you achieved and to consciously ditch the pieces that aren’t serving you, then open your calendar right now and create the space to do some thinking!

My next posts are about some of the approaches to setting up an extraordinary year, that have proved outstanding for me. I trust you’ll find something of value in these frameworks for evaluating your year and bringing on happiness, health, wealth and success in the year to come. This article is shares an approach inspired by Walt Disney’s creative spatial strategy for brainstorming.

Did you know that Walt Disney conducted the mind-mapping sessions and planning for his magnificent movies with his teams, making use of three dedicated spaces. I’ve based my Make-It-Happen Map-Out-Your-Year model on this brilliant idea. It works because it encourages free thinking, the consideration of realities and practical application. I’d like to share it with you so that you can positively transform your year!

I set up three separate spaces for my annual overview:

  • The first area is a “Dream Space” where anything and everything goes, free of editing or censorship. This is the space to cast and wide net in your imaginings.
  • The second zone is a “Reality Space” where your wild and wonderful conceptualising is tamed and funnelled into what might be possible in terms of the ecology of life.
  • The third domain is the “Make-It-Happen Space” where you figure out the practicalities of how to put your ideas into motion!

My review of the current year , works the Disney spaces in reverse order. I enter the I Made It Happen Space as I review, acknowledge and rethink. Then I welcome expanded perspectives and reframes on the year in the Reality space. The Dream space is a segue into the new. In the Dream Space I employ what worked well and also projects in progress as a bridge into the coming months.

By virtue of being in the dream space, it’s permissible to play with existing projects to discover new dimensions – even if that means once I reach the reality space and Make it happen space for the new year those fresh perspectives are rejected. Rich, new awarenesses are usually the result of revisiting current activities. And then it’s time to revel in the Dream Space for the new year, with a fresh mind, open heart and clarifying intentions.

The dream space is all about letting yourself have the potential to access expansive outcomes, goals and hopes in luminous shades of possibility and lustrous potential. Give yourself ample time in the dream space for, as Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

You can then bring your ideas, visions and the fireworks of your heart, mind and soul into the Reality Space in order to appreciate what’s possible within your world as it is and as you would like it to be. It’s here you’d consider things such as time, cost, family commitments, financial obligations and choices and so on.

From the Reality Space move to the here’s how to Make it Happen for 2013 zone. This is where you nut out and fine tune your strategies for success! Bearing in mind your values and practical realities, figure out your, bearing in mind your values and practical realities, possible pathways to achieving your dreams and more!

As you enter your Map-My-Year Zone, feel into freedom and soar on your own wings, so that you can fly into your fullest potential in the coming year.

William Arthur Ward  “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it”.

To your magnificence,

Nadine Love

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