Luminaries on the LooseI’d love you to be there! On August 15th 2015 Luminaries on the Loose: Track your Archetype Trail to Your Best Life Launches – Can you be our special guest and celebrate with us?

Join the 12 Australian Authors at The Bohemian Bungalow, Eumundi, Queensland as we toast the publishing of our book of transformational steps and stories so that you can track your Archetype Trail to discover more about yourself, enjoy more meaning, fulfilment and purpose everyday – and live into your best life with our support.

On 21st May 2013 the seed for Luminaries on the Loose was sewn as I sat in meditation on on my 48th Birthday.  The book you’ll hold in your hands is the loving result of an intentional, heart driven evolution from a compilation of chapters by Authors with compelling tears to triumph stories to a practical, positive, purposeful book that is a must have reference in the library of any conscious book-lover who wants to find harmony and bring more peace, betterment and love to our planet.

You can dip into Luminaries on the Loose as a guidebook to help you to identify where you are in your life and what’s likely to be coming up on your horizon. Or just turn to any chapter in  Luminaries on the Loose for a good fun, entertaining read.

In the same way as the Aboriginal people of Australia navigated vast tracts of land following dreaming-tracks or songlines that carried within them markers, landmarks and signposts through aurally shared verse, the 22 steps on the Luminaries Archetype Trail will help you to find your way through the topography of your circumstances, your mind and your understanding so that you can clearly recognise the route to the results you want in your life.

I wrote nine of the twenty two chapters for you, as well as detailed orientations to the three main parts of the book so that you’re clear about the phases of the Archetype Trail.   I trust you’ll be inspired by the way I bring you the themes, concepts and significance of each of the twenty-two archetypes on the Luminaries Archetype Trail. I also wrote  the introduction and concluding chapters so that you can appreciate the how this heart-book can work for your in your life.

Each day I wake up in the arms of my darling John. Our first words are of love and appreciation. As we go to bed at night, and answer the question, “Did I do my best today?” in the affirmative, love is the shared wave that carries us into the velvet ocean of sleep.

I’m the happiest, most certain and fulfilled I’ve ever been – and I want the same joy-filled, love-lit life for you, too.

Luminaries on the Loose will give you the insider track on how achieve life’s ultimate quest for direction, possibilities, prosperity, health, happiness, harmony – and love.

I look forward to seeing you at the global launch! 15th August 2015 – 9.30 am – 11.30 am to share in a glass of bubbles, delicious nibbles, live music, author talks and to give you your book so that you can live your best life. Book your ticket now!

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