CourageDoes your vision inspire, uplift and motivate you or does it serve to remind you that you haven’t arrived yet – and (worse!) waken the three temptresses …

If your vision keeps you captive in it’s secret snare rather than filling you with creative juice then consider this:

What if you knew how to live your vision with courage?  

Have you ever thought that simply accepting where you are in your personal and professional life could be the most courageous choice you’ll ever make! What if that was true? If your vulnerability was the highest form of courage, how would that change the meaning you give to the troublesome trio? Let’s leap …

Imagine your life free of the three temptresses:

  1. Beating-up on yourself
  2. Indulging in self-sabotage
  3. Comparing yourself to others

Just imagine how freeing it could be to give yourself permission to be exactly where you are.Choosing your journey

Courage to continueCarrie runs a very successful Sydney-based coaching practice. Her client list is full and she is in the process of writing a book based on her unique system focusing on change management. She’s enjoying a full and meaningful family life with her partner, John and their two children Jamie (6) and Tessa (3). It would seem as though she has everything going for her. Yet, Carrie wakes at 3.45 am each morning in a state of high anxiety. Her focus is on the internet business she has not yet created, the training company she intends to run and the home study guide she has not yet produced. She frets about the time she spends at her desk and working rather than attending to her young family and her husband.

As a result of the fretful pattern she is running, Carrie is tired, rundown and unhappy. On the surface she lives a wonderful life, whilst somehow she chooses not to be present to enjoy it! Do you ever feel this way?

There’s absolute merit in the fact that Carrie is clear about her direction. She knows where she’s heading, and if she gets out of her own way she’ll be as successful in her Training business as she is as a Coach. She has a clear vision that serves to sentence her to hostile imprisonment rather than providing her with the purpose and passion to greet every day with the positivity and productivity she’s capable of.

Where you are“Whilst enabling and nobbling us, the vision must link to day to day realities; our day to day realities must reflect the vision.” Dr. Sohail Inayatullah

To Carrie, it doesn’t always seem as simple as reminding herself to progress “Frame By Frame” as Anne Lamott writes in her outstanding book, Bird by Bird.

Identify your stretches.

  • Look at where you’d like to be.
  • Let the living and the doing be graceful.
  • Plan your access route within the ecology of your life.Dream as if you'll live forever
  • Say “No” to the three temptresses: comparing yourself to others, beating-up on yourself and indulging in self-sabotage.
  • Just imagine how freeing it could be to give yourself permission to be exactly where you are.

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