Flowers turning into the moonHave you ever been at a fork in the road? There’s the perceived pressure on you to have it all figured out.

Add to that, the expectation to steam towards a) what you’re “meant to be doing” and b) whats “responsible” to pay the bills, right?

To keep you interested there needs to be sufficient meaning in the doing to make it all worth while. Can you relate?

Perhaps you’ll agree that spending time in a different place invites fresh perspectives? I’ve just returned from the buzzing city of Melbourne energized, appreciative and inspired.

What excited me most was the quality of meaningful conversation between people at the Coaching Institute’s amazing new premises – in and out of the training room. That’s rare in life, wouldn’t you say?

When there’s a communication currency of care and gratitude, it’s easy to remain aligned and on track. However, there was something missing!

From my arty hotel room, I was weighing up options that will change the course of my life and impact hugely on my family.  I was (and am) grateful for the choices, possibilities, options.

Sitting cross-legged on the plump bed, I mulled over my  dilemma.   As my eyes feasted on the Charles Blackman paintings in my hotel room, my mind tussled with the criteria my decision had to meet:

  • Taking care of business while staying true to being a mum and to myself. Alice In the Boat
  • Remaining aligned to my core values of love, learning, giving, and growing
  • Fulfilling my mission in life to facilitate positive options for transformation and contribution.

“Dreams are what you’re made of, and very often nightmares too.” – Charles Blackman

I reminded myself that there are only three things you can fully influence:

  1. the thoughts I focus on
  2. the meaning I give those thoughts
  3. the response I have to that meaning

I could fret about my quandary, let it take over my day in a heavy, worry filled fog. I could choose to turn this into a nail-biting saga. Or I could point the flashlight of my mind on the thrill of the challenge: the power of choice I do have in this. I might top that all off with a dollop of irreverence. That would be different!

As the art-work lifted my spirits I laughed inwardly. It’s funny how the answers are always inside, waiting to be discovered.  Even though the specific solutions to my issue seemed evasive, I’d remembered something key to approaching life in healthy, productive way!

Whilst delivering a segment at a coach training, that morning I was reminded how important it is to add fun into the mix. I’d made the mistake of deleting the possible laughter. I’d taken things way too seriously and in that choice, I hadn’t given students the experience they deserved. Ouch!  What a great lesson.

Mother and girlI responded to the clarion-call for more joy and play in my life.

With fun firmly in my pocket, the day felt different.

It’s said that fairies fly because they take themselves lightly. Here’s to the childlike wonder and play as the wind under the wings of purpose!Charles Blackman

To your magnificence, lightness and fun

Thank you to Australian AristCharles Blackman for the themed images in this Article.

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