There’s so much noise out there. Have you ever wondered if you’re missing the diamonds because there’s such an avalanche of small stones that it can be challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for in the information deluge.

In a tele class I ran especially for the authors who contributed to Luminaries on the Loose, I shared an acronym to keep them focused on sharing their wisdom effectively so that they always engage their readers in ways that give real value.

V – Voice what you stand for clearly. It’s –  to you to give voice to your solutions in a way that is relatable, interesting and even entertaining.

A – Align with your Authentic self and Act accordingly. When you’re being true to yourself you can effortlessly raise Awareness with your Accessible frameworks and Artful stories.

LLeverage your Knowledge, Wisdom Experience and Resources. Consciously ascribe worth to your experience, education and views and then get smart about how effectively you pass on your skills to assist others to grow.

U – Understand your priorities, your gifts, your purpose, your outcomes and your solutions. Understand what it is that your readers, your clients and your prospects really need – (and not just what they say they want.)

E – Ecology, Evolution and Elevation are the three E’s that will make the value you give really land with the receiver. Always focus on a win, win, win for all involved. Make sure you’re adding to the evolution and elevation of your recipient so that they truly are better off for knowing you.

I trust you’ll have fun applying this VALUE filter to your offerings – and when you are out there sifting for sparkling gems, you’ll have specific criteria to cut through the din and attract diamonds that serve you well!

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