Apply this simple acronym to take your writing to another level.

“Do you know about PEEL, Mama?”  Mira’s eyes danced as she gave me a gift.  I’d like to it share with you. My six year old daughter, Mira returned from school with PEEL.

I appreciate the simplicity and common sense of this fabulous discovery, I trust you’ll find this valuable too!

The P is for make your point clearly.  Fear and Gratitude cannot co-exist at the same moment in you.

E is for expand on your point.  When you truly feel gratitude for the things in your life, for your health, for your loved ones, your full engagement in the experience of gratitude means that the mechanism of fear cannot fire in your system.

The second E is for example.  Have a go!  It’s your turn to create an example: Think of someone for whom you feel unconditional love and engage with being wholeheartedly grateful for their presence in your life, even if they are no-longer alive.

I think of my beautiful daughter who is very much alive, bringing her special brand of humour, vitality and fun everywhere she graces with her absolute presence. When  I focus on Mira, her wide smile and open chuckle, it’s not possible to tremble at the thought of, well … anything.  A rush of grace, goodwill and love pulses where panic and heart pounding have been known to reside.

L is the first letter of link. Connect your expanded thoughts and examples back to your Point in an elegant close. Therefore, if you notice the signs of fear rising up in you, stop yourself and consider what you can be really grateful for!

PEEL away the layers to your lustrous writing, fellow authors.

To your magnificence, happiness and flow!


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