Hot Confidence for Kids launched in early April with the Connect with Confidence Holiday Program. The two day course for students 7-12 years focused on the first two Hot Confidence Adventure Trails inspiring and guiding participants to build self-trust and to “have-a-go”.  Confidence -, Communication and Relationship- skills are far from intuitive and the Hot Confidence for Kids After-School and Holiday Programs are especially designed to deliver tools, techniques and strategies in a fun, upbeat way. This ensures that young people have the inner resources and know-how to be confident, happy and resilient for today and for the rest of their lives!

“What’s amazing about Hot Confidence for Kids is how fun it it. You don’t realise you’re building your soul. You are building your trust about yourself and it’s unconscious. You go away feeling really happy and full of yourself in a good way.” Mira Love, 10, Year 5, Queensland, Australia.

“Everyone needs this program. Until two days ago I didn’t know I could feel so happy inside. And now I know how I can choose to be happy.” Jonathan Douglas, Year 5, Queensland, Australia

“Hello Nadine, Isla and Gemma had an “awesome day”, “can’t wait ’til tomorrow and wish they could go everyday!  They chatted all the way home. Loved the activities, the gems and the yummy food!” Karen Russel (Isla Russell’s Mum) Isla Russell, Year 4, Queensland, Australia

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