Inspiring revolutionary thought is about stimulating dialogue between leaders, experts, and trailblazers who are willing to ask the bold questions that catalyze change. Christine Kloser brought together a faculty of luminaries from the publishing world including editors, agents, publishers, and best-selling authors to instruct and inspire how to write, promote, and publish a book. Not just any book; the beating heart of this particular literary movement is positive transformation.

The promise of a transformational book is to motivate change for good. Christine, three-time award-winning author, hosted twenty-one interviews collectively known as the Transformational Author Experience 2012. The outstanding collection of interviews reached its grand finale with one of the most profound, compelling, relevant-to-our-time conversations I have ever had the privilege to have had access to.

Transformation catalyst Christine created the space for Neale Donald Walsh, the author of Conversations with God (and so much more), to talk about how he believes rapid global change can occur within one conversation in one generation. And you can be an active part of the conversation and the call to create a harmonious world in which our children actively and sustainably enjoy the entire “wish list.”

At this time, like no other in the history of humanity, communication is potentially easier than it has ever been. Yet, asks Neale Donald Walsh, how is it possible for seven billion people to want the same things and be unable to achieve them? The “with list” for most individuals – health, security, love, peace, opportunities, fairness, equality, prosperity, and happiness – escapes us as a global community. Neale goes on to ask, “Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

All transformation begins with yourself and self-inquiry. Three times a day, at 8am, 12 noon, and 8pm, for sixty days, ask yourself 1) Who am I? 2) Where am I? 3) Why am I where I am? and 4) What do I intend to do about that?

If you are willing to extend the baton and engage others in the dialogue for change, then urge others to do the same.

At this time of universal transition, with all of the uncertainty that brings, inspiring, strong, conscious leadership is needed. In that awareness, all prior assumptions about the fabric and construction of our society must be questioned. The existing financial, governmental, educational, and social models are crumbling, and simply neither work nor serve the greater good as our planet’s natural resources dwindle. How would it be if you and I could create other expressions of “what is” that become a new, peaceful, loving, choice-filled reality?

You can find out more and become involved in this positive transformation movement at Neale’s latest book, The Storm Before The Calm, details these and other questions, and offers his inspiring viewpoint.

Right at the end of the interview, Neale posed a powerful question that continues to resonate and pull me up towards my own vision of and commitment to leading others in a confident, magnificent quest of exquisite human experience on earth:

“What if I imagine everyone in the whole world was watching me as a model of how life would best be lived? In what way would my behaviors change?”

This is a time like no other.

(Please note I am not an affiliate and in no way benefit personally by recommending Neale’s website and book. The gift is ours collectively from conversations advocating positive transformation. Let the revolution for peace, health, security, love, opportunities, fairness, equality, prosperity, and happiness in our time blaze!)

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