Gliding between the worlds of mother, marketer and mentor too often lacks the grace I aspire to. Dare I admit: I’m used to feeling torn one way or the other.

Friday afternoon race against the clock. Dreading the weekend lock-down. I’m passionate about my work and gutted to leave it. 2.50pm! Now I have to lunge for the car keys to make the school run on time. Actually it’s touch and go to be there by the bell. Heart pounding. Part  of me lingers in my marketing plan and part reaches toward her curly haired, wide-eyed little face as I tear up the uneven path to the hall-for-all.

The doting parent brigade are already there, seated, waiting, hovering as I remember to whack my iPhone onto vibrate. Just in time, too. I’m sure I get “the look” that says “What kind of mother are you to only just make sharing parade?” I got there, didn’t I?

I regain full composure, standing serene as a marble carving to applaud my miracle-daughter’s reading award. Proud, I marvel at her independence and self-expression. I capture the moment on camera.

Alright I’ll admit – Feint tug of the open document on my mac. Lingering like a lover left languishing without a proper goodbye. Superceded by the goggles and splash of swimming lessons, family to feed and bed-time stories. Domesticity’s a fuzzy quick-sand …

Slipping, yielding to the week-end zone of French lessons, play-dates and spring-carnival cooking. Warmth, laughter, cuddles. Beach-walks, sand-castles and sun-cream. Making fudge, little girls with chocolate hands and faces, spoon-licking and delighted squeals. Swims, dress-ups and the latest Spiderman movie. A heart full of bubbling toffee love.

In a click it’s Monday morning. Man and child doing their lives. The house falls quiet. I suppress the longing for her sing-song voice and full-bodied chuckle. Ache for her little hand to seek mine.

Ah, pull it together!

Who am I? Where was I?


Comfortable? No. Fulfilled? YES!

It’s said that true fulfilment rests in having enough of the aspects that make up your life: health giving pursuits, clear and meaningful relationships, relaxation, study, finance-generating activities, spiritual endeavours and so on. There are definitely seasons in life and I appreciate how important it is to savour each moment of Mira’s growth. Juxtaposing a full-blown career has it’s challenges.

I’m so grateful. For both.

How do you do it?

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