I’ve distilled five of the most valuable tools that worked for me to assist you to be unsinkable, too, when times get tough. As they do.

5 Tactics to Assist You to Rise Up Higher than You were before:

 trust_your_instinctsSetting a bigger intention: In the darkest moment this morning, when threatening, harassment and abusive behaviour triggered an old and fearful story in my cell structure, I told myself spontaneously “Something great, bold and magnificent will come of this that will bring happiness and prosperity to many.” That intention gave me a rise of hope shifted my perspective, allowing the old negative pattern to dissolve and a wave of purposeful calm carried me through the reset of the remaining issues to deal with. The intention allowed me to see that there were people who were being kind and generous: the lawyer, the police officer, my partner.

Clearing limiting beliefs: 96 % of our behaviour and responses is driven by the unconscious mind. Staggering. Knowing this meant that I was on the look out for limiting beliefs locking me into patterns of response that may not have served me.

I had a dream a few nights ago where a five year old child was sitting on my lap, driving a fast red sports car along a highway at top speed. I couldn’t see over her head. I knew she was me, and I was not in control of the car. What a brilliant dream! That five year old will sit in the drivers seat of my life unless I put her in the back of the car in her car seat and buckle her in. This is what I did, today. I took a vacuum cleaner to my mind and cleared away some of the clutter. oh how good it felt to dive in to the still too cold to swim in swimming pool, after! I am so grateful for the glistening water three steps from my balcony.

An example of a belief I cleared today: “Employees always let me down, don’t deliver and are a headache” Ouch. That is what I have been experiencing, little wonder. With the exception of my awesome Virtual Assistant and an outstanding Editor.

Surrender to What Is: This is a big one. The brou-ha-ha today took me off of the course of writing my blog and sending out my newsletter, as well as four other important tasks on my list. So be it!There was a time the slave-driver in me would have gone nuts! So fully did I move to acceptance I broke one of my own rules around maximising on work and I went for an hour long walk at 4pm after my chilly dip. I feel fantastic on it, and here I am!

freedom_through_surrenderLet go of the past: no stories, no juicing. Man, I was proud of this one! The whole situation has no emotional charge for me, now. There is, of course backing up the mop up, which may involve commencing legal proceedings and other actions I would rather not have to tangle with. I have mental space around it and no drama.

Trust in What is to Come: Building on the hope instilled by the bigger intention, believe in the miracles to come. As part of my morning walk ritual, one of my favourite incantations is “I am open to receiving the gifts, surprises and miracles of the Universe” I know that there is so much good to come, so much abundance and so much more to share.

I have also learned:

  • yet again to trust my instincts. The internal whisper said “NO” when I got caught up with both of the people with whom I struck up business associations that went to custard today. I powered on against my own knowing and I got burned. It’s a gift of a lesson to learn again.
  • to protect myself vigilantly with contracts,
  • to call it the moment I have a sniff of unaligned action
  • if the driver is five years old or fear on any level – to have a cup of tea and do something else

The experience was what it was, my feelings were what they were and in the middle was what I decided to do with those feelings.

The safety tree was right there when the forest was burning, protecting canopy and carpet. I chose to see the safety tree.

My hope is that when life tests you, you will too, so that you can mine the gold in the goo.

I’d love to hear your comments and responses. Which of these resonate with you? What do you do to bounce back?

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