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(How to) Write for the Sweet Spot

“Can you give me some pointers with writing my blog?” Lorraine was the third Client to ask for help with writing last week. Lisa asked for help with article-writing, and Pam was working on web-copy. I was happy to share my golden rules for : How to write an article that hits the sweet spot and motivates action! Here they are for you!

Whether it’s writing your blog, articles, or web copy, or penning your book, there are some golden rules you can follow to ensure your words create an authentic connection followed by a spark to move your reader towards inspiration, action, and movement. If you know how to approach every work you craft, you’ll have the ability to generate positive transformation easily and effortlessly. Here are some of the key points to consider every time you sit down to write.

Before I write I prepare myself by seeking clarity and connection. The way I do that is through quiet meditation. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t have time,” let me reassure you that this is a rapid process (usually!) that saves hours in the long run.

I’ve never had “writer’s block” using this strategy. Never. I believe the reasons to be:

  1.  I am clear about my highest purpose and intention for whatever it is I am about to create, and
  2.  I spend time in mindful appreciation of my reader and what exactly my reader wants and needs to discover.

You can find clarity through exercise, including walking, swimming, yoga, surfing, martial arts, running, or whatever sport you prefer. Often exercise heralds a meditative state for me, as well as setting off a sequence of feel-good hormones that carries through the work.

When I refer to connection, I mean connection with the wise part of yourself; with the divine source; with the needs, wants, and deepest hidden desires of your potential reader. A neat distinction is to connect with the child-self of your reader, which is based on the idea that the beliefs and values that steer our lives were set in place before we were seven years of age.

  1. Identify what you are burning to convey or what’s uppermost in your mind regarding the topic you are called to write about. Define your highest intention for writing the piece. And know what you intend the outcome of writing the piece to be.
  2. Identify what your readers and clients want. The most effective way to do this (in addition to market research, surveys, and direct questioning) is to imagine your ideal reader. Choose someone who would be your ideal reader and put yourself in their skin. What does he or she really want? What words do they use naturally to talk about what they want?
  3. Once you have identified your reader’s highest intention, greatest purpose, and perceived fears, identify the qualities, resources, and knowledge they need in order to achieve their ultimate purpose. If you’re intending to sell or motivate positive transformation or movement, find a way to anchor the qualities they need (such as confidence, calm, and certainty) and the resources and knowledge they need and want to YOUR IDEAS, YOUR SOLUTIONS, and YOUR SYSTEMS. (If you aren’t clear on your systems or solutions, talk to me! I help people develop their unique systems.)
  4. Your solutions and systems are the pathways to what your readers and clients want.
  5. State your reader’s highest purpose clearly and then tie your solution or system to their desired qualities, resources, and knowledge. You’ll satisfy their purpose by applying this step.
  6. Link your systems and solutions to your client’s greatest “why” or purpose. Do this for every piece of training and writing you deliver.
  7. For every sentence, paragraph, article, and chapter you write ask, “How is this piece essential?”
I look forward to reading your stories of how you’ve moved your readers to engage, inspire, sell and create positive change by applying these golden rules!
To your magnificence!
If you’re looking to build confidence as well as clarity so that your writing really hums, then check out my new book Hot Confidence:Conscious Pathways to Take Your from Mini-Me to Magnificent at  HotConfidence.Com 


Especially for Writers

Apply this simple acronym to take your writing to another level.

“Do you know about PEEL, Mama?”  Mira’s eyes danced as she gave me a gift.  I’d like to it share with you. My six year old daughter, Mira returned from school with PEEL.

I appreciate the simplicity and common sense of this fabulous discovery, I trust you’ll find this valuable too!

The P is for make your point clearly.  Fear and Gratitude cannot co-exist at the same moment in you.

E is for expand on your point.  When you truly feel gratitude for the things in your life, for your health, for your loved ones, your full engagement in the experience of gratitude means that the mechanism of fear cannot fire in your system.

The second E is for example.  Have a go!  It’s your turn to create an example: Think of someone for whom you feel unconditional love and engage with being wholeheartedly grateful for their presence in your life, even if they are no-longer alive.

I think of my beautiful daughter who is very much alive, bringing her special brand of humour, vitality and fun everywhere she graces with her absolute presence. When  I focus on Mira, her wide smile and open chuckle, it’s not possible to tremble at the thought of, well … anything.  A rush of grace, goodwill and love pulses where panic and heart pounding have been known to reside.

L is the first letter of link. Connect your expanded thoughts and examples back to your Point in an elegant close. Therefore, if you notice the signs of fear rising up in you, stop yourself and consider what you can be really grateful for!

PEEL away the layers to your lustrous writing, fellow authors.

To your magnificence, happiness and flow!


Restoring Humanity’s Soul

Soaking up the ambiance at the new raw cafe, Ground, my passion-o-meter peaked. My heart rate soared. It wasn’t the delicious mango smoothie made with coconut milk that raised the blush to my cheeks. It was the great question I was asked! “So, what themes in your book do you believe are relevant to current news topics?” purred the interviewer.

As the world tumbles into financial collapse, the dwindling of natural resources, and global warming, mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and psychosomatic ailments are at an all-time high. Hot Confidence: Conscious Pathways to Take You from Mini-Me to Magnificent offers frameworks for personal resilience and taking responsibility for mental and emotional states of being, focusing on identifying strengths and purpose, and guiding the reader through multiple tools for clearing blocks and obstacles to wellbeing.

Change and uncertainty are certain in life. Hot Confidence delivers clear strategies and guidance for dealing with fear, loss, change, shame, guilt, and self-sabotage, and pathways for building the self-esteem buffer necessary to have the flexibility to live life resourcefully, whatever the external circumstances.

Major companies such as Coca-Cola, and government departments including education and libraries, are seeking the mentorship of futures experts such as Dr. Sohail Inayatullah, Tony Stevenson, and Peter Diamandis to assist them in identifying preferred possible futures and how to get there. Individuals are seeking meaning and grappling to make sense of the present (and past) in order to construct futures that meet – and surpass – their dreams. Hot Confidence is about assisting readers to recover choices and re-engage their unique brilliance, individual strength, and magnificence. Organizations and communities are made up of individuals, capable of so much more when confidence, self-belief, and self-love powers through their veins.

Hot Confidence equips readers with a proven formula for freeing themselves from inner fear so they can live boldly and authentically, expressing their talents and unique messages.

I believe fear and self-doubt are at the root of disharmony, discord, and pain.

Fears and doubts fester beneath all illness, disease, and lack. And war. I’m on a mission, through my books, products, and services, to paint peace, conscious productivity for good, and collective co-operation across our planet through facilitating positive personal transformation, self-knowledge, and self-love.

The message I stand behind is that everyone has a unique talent – brilliant ideas, strengths, or skills – to contribute; it’s just a question of having the confidence and self-esteem to step up and engage the very best of self in every moment. Every moment counts. The future is being created in the dynamic now. There is no time to lose if we are going to see our world through times of uncertainty and change into a new paradigm in which we are delighted to co-exist in peace, harmony, opportunity, and wealth, with all and for all.

If we are to weather the inevitable world shifts and construct a loving, peaceful new paradigm in which our children are safe and celebrated for their unique talents, then it is crucial to step up and become magnetic leaders for good.

Hot Confidence has an important role to play in this quest for the restoration of humanity’s soul – one person at a time.

You can get your copy at

Burning the Quantum Torch for New York

Perched on Buderim Mountain with life going on as usual in paradise, I was glibly reminded of the time between my father’s gruesome death and his funeral. It was a no-man’s-land of emotional wreckage peppered by numbness.

This is what I thought of as I saw footage of the boats on sidewalks, the cars submerged in water, the fire’s and the black-outs. In New York. I don’t know why I love New York, yet I do. It seemed almost unreal to me. As if it was a movie. And so Sandy and the havoc she wreaked, seemed that way, too. Almost as if it must be a new release of the latest Spiderman, Batman or Avengers – and yet the Hero didn’t make the shoot in time to stop the devastation.

Just like death, it has taken a few days to sink in. What right do I have to grieve for those who have lost loved ones, for the homes, pets, belongings, businesses all washed away?

Is it even polite to view the devastation, like a voyeur peeping through some rain-splashed window at the scene of a brutal crime?

Quantum physics would have me believe that my thoughts of love, comfort and strength move to join a wave of compassion and courage. As the clean-up cranks to an organised movement for the restoration of order, that is what I will hold to, for there is little else that can make sense of the tragedy.

A light burns brightly down-under for New York the brave and the re-membering of New Jersey, I think of you, With Love.

Candid Peek – Converging Worlds

Gliding between the worlds of mother, marketer and mentor too often lacks the grace I aspire to. Dare I admit: I’m used to feeling torn one way or the other.

Friday afternoon race against the clock. Dreading the weekend lock-down. I’m passionate about my work and gutted to leave it. 2.50pm! Now I have to lunge for the car keys to make the school run on time. Actually it’s touch and go to be there by the bell. Heart pounding. Part  of me lingers in my marketing plan and part reaches toward her curly haired, wide-eyed little face as I tear up the uneven path to the hall-for-all.

The doting parent brigade are already there, seated, waiting, hovering as I remember to whack my iPhone onto vibrate. Just in time, too. I’m sure I get “the look” that says “What kind of mother are you to only just make sharing parade?” I got there, didn’t I?

I regain full composure, standing serene as a marble carving to applaud my miracle-daughter’s reading award. Proud, I marvel at her independence and self-expression. I capture the moment on camera.

Alright I’ll admit – Feint tug of the open document on my mac. Lingering like a lover left languishing without a proper goodbye. Superceded by the goggles and splash of swimming lessons, family to feed and bed-time stories. Domesticity’s a fuzzy quick-sand …

Slipping, yielding to the week-end zone of French lessons, play-dates and spring-carnival cooking. Warmth, laughter, cuddles. Beach-walks, sand-castles and sun-cream. Making fudge, little girls with chocolate hands and faces, spoon-licking and delighted squeals. Swims, dress-ups and the latest Spiderman movie. A heart full of bubbling toffee love.

In a click it’s Monday morning. Man and child doing their lives. The house falls quiet. I suppress the longing for her sing-song voice and full-bodied chuckle. Ache for her little hand to seek mine.

Ah, pull it together!

Who am I? Where was I?


Comfortable? No. Fulfilled? YES!

It’s said that true fulfilment rests in having enough of the aspects that make up your life: health giving pursuits, clear and meaningful relationships, relaxation, study, finance-generating activities, spiritual endeavours and so on. There are definitely seasons in life and I appreciate how important it is to savour each moment of Mira’s growth. Juxtaposing a full-blown career has it’s challenges.

I’m so grateful. For both.

How do you do it?

Your Fast Car -Your Future

If you fully believed that you were actively creating your future in this moment, would you be doing anything differently?

Meet Samantha and Kylie. They are both highly educated, talented, and skilled women. They both elicited and developed their own unique systems for success. They put these systems into their own words, outlining the steps necessary to move from being stuck and filled with lack and despair to a happy, healthy, abundant state in which they are inspiring examples for others. Samantha and Kylie have what they need to share their gifts to assist humanity.

In spite of all Kylie knows, she chooses to keep her system, skills, and expertise locked away – chained, covered, and garaged as if it were a fancy, fast car – a prize to keep hidden from sight. Kylie’s waiting for that perfect opportunity to take it for a spin. Meanwhile, her sleek, fast car’s tires are going flat.

Kylie opts for bus rides, cycle rides, camel rides, any rides – she’ll even go on foot (or play tennis) instead of taking her prized possession out for a spin. If only she’d hop in and feel the plush leather, let the top down, and enjoy the wind in her hair; if only she’d explore the country lanes, beaches, mountain passes, and peaks in her fast car, she might discover even more about herself and her purpose.

Kylie feels it’s “alright for other people who are successful” to show off their fast cars, but she doesn’t consider sharing hers. She seems unaware of the joy, inspiration, and motivation she might afford others if she would only slide into the driver’s seat and take the wheel. She’s waiting for the steering wheel to come and get her, or for the paint to acquire that certain patina, or for…. a more compelling future.

The purr of the engine of her special message is becoming a distant memory as she fills her days with Facebook and the frameworks of other experts. Odds are her ideal future is slipping further and further away as she watches her resources dwindle and her weight pile on.

Samantha is constantly polishing her fast car. She takes it out for rides at all hours of the day and night. She visits new spaces and places and challenges herself to roll out her system in new, different, and exciting ways. Almost before she had learned the idiosyncrasies of her fast car, she hit the open road and was up for all the experiences she could have – the challenging and the sublime.

That’s not to say Samantha doesn’t have difficult days. Just this week, in the midst of applying herself to a swathe of new skills she needs to create marketing copy and post it to her website, she dissolved into despondent tears. But her agony was short-lived, and she quickly revived her appreciation of the grace, durability, and purpose of her business.

Samantha sees each bump in the road as a learning experience, and she’s hungry for perspectives that enrich her understanding. She’s always searching for ways to share her newfound wisdom with others. She delights in attending to her fast car and adds customized accessories with flair. Her attention is on the difference she will make in the world as a professional woman who is able to overcome her fears and speak authentically in public, and her heart backs her up on this intention.

Samantha is on a mission to serve. She gets out of her own way.

She’s excited when I share with her that she is creating her best future by engaging so productively, positively, and honestly in the present. Her dynamic now is becoming her preferred future. She loves learning how to handle her elegant sports car. She knows she will teach many others how to drive their fast cars and surpass their dreams as they speed happily, healthily, and wealthily along the roadways of their choosing.

Are you like Samantha – exhilarated, present, and committed to discovering what you’re made of and clarifying how to share that for the greater good of all? Or do you relate more to Kylie, piling on the pounds while the notion of your fast car rusts in the wreckage of self-sabotage?

Perhaps you are neither. You may yet be seeking your unique fast car and how to clarify and communicate your message.

Wherever you are on the road to sharing your message, self-knowledge is a powerful thing. From this place you can choose to make your present into an active principle – or not. Consider the cost of not driving in the present – to you, to your loved ones, and to those you have yet to meet.

“The Future is not an empty space, but an active principle in the present.” —Ivana Milojevic

As I say in my book Hot Confidence: You get to choose.

To your magnificence, heath, and happiness


P.S. You can get your copy of my newly released book Hot Confidence Here

Three Keys To Self-Trust

Have you ever worked hard to achieve something you wanted, but when it came time to step up, you wanted to run away? This is what happened to my client Charmaine.

Charmaine had worked hard to create her website, set up coaching groups, and develop her unique nine-step system for stay-at-home moms to create income around their busy schedules. She was almost ready to launch her exciting program, and then… she lost her nerve. Feelings of self-doubt flooded in. She was on the brink of something big, about to change her life and affect the lives of others for the good, and yet she hit an all-time low in the way she felt about herself.

Instead of plowing on with business strategies, it was time for Charmaine to give herself the gift of some of the most important work that can ever be done – personal transformation. It is through your own personal transformation that the diamond core of your success, happiness, and health resides.

In addition to finding the value in exploring the defining the moments that shaped Charmaine’s response to getting out there and promoting her wonderful work, she trusted in the Three Keys to Self-Trust. These keys appear in my book Hot Confidence, and there is an audio energy tool to accompany this valuable framework.

Here is a summary so you can strengthen your self-trust right away!:

Self-trust has three components: competence, emotions, and choice. To expand each of these components, there are three keys you can apply while developing your ability to become more resilient:

1. See yourself as skillful. Discover your strengths so you have evidence for believing in your natural and learned capabilities. Practice recognizing yourself as able, well-resourced, and skilled. Yes, it is all about what you choose to focus on and say to yourself about what you have to offer.

2. Exercise your ability to reflect and respect your own opinions based on what you are seeing, feeling, and hearing. Nurture informed opinions and enjoy consciously developing flexibility while maintaining your boundaries.

3. Develop what Carl Rogers, the father of humanistic psychology, termed “Unconditional Positive Regard” for yourself. What this means is that you learn to accept yourself without any conditions or judgment attached. You can go about this by first setting an intention and then creating an environment in which that commitment to yourself can flourish!

Here are the actions to attend to in order to develop positive regard for yourself:

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Practice positive self-talk.
  • Relate to your surroundings with appreciation, respect, and optimism.
  • Hang out with people who support these concepts.
  • Focus on thoughts and endeavors that align with your values and the outcomes you’re working toward.
  • Nourish yourself on all levels – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, educationally, and physically.

Creating self-trust is dynamic and evolving! Charmaine is focusing on the Three Keys to Self-Trust and has seen a rapid evolution in her relationships and the opportunities opening up for her.

If this is what you want more of in your life, give yourself the gift of solid self-trust so you can build your inner buffer and share your brilliance more openly.

You can find out more about creating self-trust and building your self-belief and self-esteem at

How Positive Transformation Really Works

Unearthing the Keys to Happiness, Purpose, and Creating Your Difference:

Have you ever noticed how the lessons you teach and write about, and that show up with your friends, beloveds, and clients, are the ones you most need to learn?

3:25 am: That old familiar rising panic comes back for a visit after a very long absence. This is it, I tell myself. It’s time to deal with this old dragon. What a gift that this demon has resurfaced now. I am prepared. I spent the weekend creating hypnotic inductions, visualizations, and energy tools to accompany the core chapters of my book Hot Confidence. I also devoted four days last week to mentoring clients on building self-trust, strengthening self-belief, and installing the positive qualities required for self-love.

It’s impossible to engage your fullest potential from a place of anxiety. If you’re taking the next step in your growth, you may find – just like I have – that fears show up. As I lie trembling in the darkness, the next thing I say to myself is, Let’s go girl – you’re stepping up! I am determined to dive into the process I designed specifically to clear this type of issue for others. I remind myself about the techniques I designed that worked so well for others all week. Can you relate to this?: Even when you know exactly what you should be doing, it can be challenging to gift yourself the benefits of practicing what you preach.

I choose to sink into the eye of the storm and explore the very first time I felt these shaky feelings. My journey takes me back to a time when I was six years old. My father, mother, younger sister, and I had taken a short holiday at a beautiful forested place by a lake called Inyanga. I’ve no idea whether the name has changed, as this was in the days when Zimbabwe was Rhodesia. One morning I’d woken in the early hours for no apparent reason. I had a sickening feeling in my gut. My six-year-old terror was accompanied by a knowing that my life would break apart. And that is exactly what followed.

A sudden death, around the time I woke up, cut our family vacation short. The sequence of events that followed led to one loss after another – my parents divorced and we left my homeland, our dogs, my school, and my friends. There was no explanation given. No discussion.

Years of bewildered uncertainty, displacement, and isolation became the evidence for me to construct a (really unhelpful) belief that life is a cycle of create, become successful, and destroy or be destroyed. Can you imagine what the effect of holding such a belief might have?

The reason I am sharing this with you is to illustrate that the only way to shift the unconscious beliefs and patterns that shape our lives is to visit their origins and discover and instill in yourself the positive resources you need in your most difficult moments. For deep and lasting change it’s necessary to head right back to the source of that defining moment. There are a host of ways to do this that don’t require remembering specifics and rehashing the gory details. So breathe!

I lie here forty-one years after I first felt that isolation and give the six-year-old me all of the resources she needs to free herself of the fright that so influenced my life from then on. As understanding, open communication, validation, acceptance, confidence, and love pour into my past self, I soon feel the calming effects. The trembling and panic leave my adult body. I wake with a tenderness that I recognize as new neural pathways taking form. Fantastic! That’s perfect!

What’s the point of all this? There are three main points that spring to mind:

  • When you’re ready for it, positive transformation can happen fast.
  • It’s really important to visit the original defining moment, understand what was going on for your past self, and appreciate the wider context.
  • Recovering choice, possibilities, and peace for yourself through proven processes is possible – even in the dark of the night!

Quantum physics has shown that we attract more of the state we are in. Until we are seven years old, those states are informed by the emotional environments of our families, and we are particularly affected by the attitudes, behaviors, and choices of our parents and primary caregivers.

As adults, we recreate and attract situations that make us feel the way we felt in our early childhood. If you are repeatedly experiencing a set of feelings that you would like to grow away from, look to your childhood for their origins. If you want to engage your potential and create your difference in the world, unburden and liberate yourself to breathe freely, just like I did!

To your magnificence, happiness, and positive transformation

Destined to Change Your Life for Good

Are you looking for inspiration to move you toward engaging your fullest potential now?
Are you tired of feeling stuck?
Would you value a nudge towards listening to yourself?

If you’d like to find the motivation to discover what you are capable of creating, then grab a cup of tea and give yourself fifteen minutes to sit back with signposts from the soul of Hot Confidence.

As you relax, you’ll be guided through essential transformational concepts so that you can love who you are, love what you do and love making your extraordinary difference – starting right here!  Finding your focus, certainty and direction couldn’t be any easier or more enjoyable.  You’ll also find out why your next step for positive change in your life is so important.

Enjoy receiving this uplifting selection of pointers to boost your energy, confidence and self worth.  All you have to do is click, play and watch!

Compelling Conversations for Change

Inspiring revolutionary thought is about stimulating dialogue between leaders, experts, and trailblazers who are willing to ask the bold questions that catalyze change. Christine Kloser brought together a faculty of luminaries from the publishing world including editors, agents, publishers, and best-selling authors to instruct and inspire how to write, promote, and publish a book. Not just any book; the beating heart of this particular literary movement is positive transformation.

The promise of a transformational book is to motivate change for good. Christine, three-time award-winning author, hosted twenty-one interviews collectively known as the Transformational Author Experience 2012. The outstanding collection of interviews reached its grand finale with one of the most profound, compelling, relevant-to-our-time conversations I have ever had the privilege to have had access to.

Transformation catalyst Christine created the space for Neale Donald Walsh, the author of Conversations with God (and so much more), to talk about how he believes rapid global change can occur within one conversation in one generation. And you can be an active part of the conversation and the call to create a harmonious world in which our children actively and sustainably enjoy the entire “wish list.”

At this time, like no other in the history of humanity, communication is potentially easier than it has ever been. Yet, asks Neale Donald Walsh, how is it possible for seven billion people to want the same things and be unable to achieve them? The “with list” for most individuals – health, security, love, peace, opportunities, fairness, equality, prosperity, and happiness – escapes us as a global community. Neale goes on to ask, “Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

All transformation begins with yourself and self-inquiry. Three times a day, at 8am, 12 noon, and 8pm, for sixty days, ask yourself 1) Who am I? 2) Where am I? 3) Why am I where I am? and 4) What do I intend to do about that?

If you are willing to extend the baton and engage others in the dialogue for change, then urge others to do the same.

At this time of universal transition, with all of the uncertainty that brings, inspiring, strong, conscious leadership is needed. In that awareness, all prior assumptions about the fabric and construction of our society must be questioned. The existing financial, governmental, educational, and social models are crumbling, and simply neither work nor serve the greater good as our planet’s natural resources dwindle. How would it be if you and I could create other expressions of “what is” that become a new, peaceful, loving, choice-filled reality?

You can find out more and become involved in this positive transformation movement at Neale’s latest book, The Storm Before The Calm, details these and other questions, and offers his inspiring viewpoint.

Right at the end of the interview, Neale posed a powerful question that continues to resonate and pull me up towards my own vision of and commitment to leading others in a confident, magnificent quest of exquisite human experience on earth:

“What if I imagine everyone in the whole world was watching me as a model of how life would best be lived? In what way would my behaviors change?”

This is a time like no other.

(Please note I am not an affiliate and in no way benefit personally by recommending Neale’s website and book. The gift is ours collectively from conversations advocating positive transformation. Let the revolution for peace, health, security, love, opportunities, fairness, equality, prosperity, and happiness in our time blaze!)

What Fulfills You?

Meaningful, life-affirming experiences usually show up with no warning and when least expected. And so it was that on an seasonably wet and cold morning, characterized by the usual start-of-the-week hubbub in our family as we worked to get our six-year-old cherub to school in time for the bell.

If I ever had a moment’s doubt about spending my time and resources passionately supporting the movement for positive transformation in the world, one person at a time, in order to create a resilient, conscious, global community that we’re delighted to be a part of, that brief shadow would have been squarely taken care of by the gratitude, humility, and joy I felt that early Monday morning.

We tumbled through the open school gate, an oversized schoolbag slipping from my right shoulder, and Mira, my daughter, firmly dragging on my laden arm in the direction from which we’d come, almost bumping another mother who might have been a carbon copy of me! Her daughter was about Mira’s age and showing the same reticence to head to her classroom. As my eyes met with the other mother’s, I saw her cheeks flush and a smile break across her weekend-wearied face. (For many parents weekends are far more exhausting than the pressures of even the most demanding job!)

“Nadine Love! This is perfect! You’re Nadine Love!” she exclaimed. She stopped on the narrow path so that our way was blocked. “I saw the article on you and the book in the paper. I picked up my copy of Pebbles in the Pond at Books on Buderim and …” Her eyes filled with tears. She whispered, “I’ve always wanted to write my story and … and … I’ve started! Thank you. It may not be any good,” she spluttered. “But I’ve always wanted to write, and now I have begun.” Her little girl pulled her away, clearing the way.Pebbles In The Pond

“Mama, why are you crying? You’ve helped Michelle’s mother,” Mira stated in her matter of fact way as we headed to her classroom.

I had followed my heart and had done what I knew I had to do, and that tiny pebble in a pond had created a ripple. That’s what it’s all about for me. My deepest fulfillment is creating pebbles and placing them out there. What fulfills you?

Global Ripple Released!

Signing the Positive Transformation Spiral with Love


It’s extraordinary to watch as people melt into pages you have written, entranced! The feeling of purposeful connection to something greater, and that of gratitude and deep humility for being part of a global movement for positive transformation, is exquisite, delicate, and utterly sustaining. It’s one thing to be excited about holding a copy of a book you’ve contributed to in your hands, and it’s quite another to see eyes glisten with tears, feel hands reach for yours, and watch feet race homeward to devour the chapters!

What a privilege and a joy it is to be an active ripple-maker for positive transformation as Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time finds it’s way into thousands of hands across the globe. I felt more than a little moved as I witnessed one person after the next become captivated by our book.

In early March there was a gathering of many of the contributing authors at Christine Kloser’s Transformational Authors Retreat at the beautifully tended Pearlstone Retreat, in Maryland in the USA. It was an outstanding opportunity to meet with like-hearted individuals who care about making an authentic difference. The tone of genuine kindness, grace, and gratitude that characterized the retreat is to be found in the textured experiences portrayed in Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time. Together, we looked forward to the day when our chapters would be bound together in this work and launched into the world, and we set our loving intentions that our stories find you.

The worldwide launch of Pebbles in the Pond took place on May 20th, 2012. Forty-six of the finest transformational authors from around the world shared their real stories of trials, triumphs, and transcendence with the sole intention of inspiring others to find hope, healing, and positive possibilities. My chapter, “Born Free,” stands alongside the words of bestselling authors such as Arielle Ford, Marci Schimoff, Robert Allen, Sonia Choquette, and my dear friend Christine Kloser.

I’m grateful to back a concept I align with so passionately. The Pebbles in the Pond project combines creativity, personal growth, spirituality, art, and beauty – all for the highest purpose of enabling others to find hope, inspiration, and love. It is about honoring the experiences and voices of others who have danced their trail of trials in such a way that their greatest challenges became their most profound gifts.

Mira Moonbeam, the star of my story, woke early on the day of the book’s launch, brimming with six-year-old giggles and excitement that permeated the day. It felt perfect to be welcoming Pebbles in the Pond into our world by signing it at a celebration at our favorite local bookstore, Books of Buderim. I’d had to be flexible, as I had planned a lavish event that I had to postpone when, just a week prior to our globally set date, not one case of books had arrived from the US! You can imagine my delight and relief when a box of books turned up on the Monday morning prior to launch-date. I picked up the phone and called Jo, the owner of Books of Buderim, who welcomed me on short notice. Posters and leaflets were designed and printed, emails flew out, and the outcome was a fantastic day of sharing the Pebbles message of positive transformation. It’s true to say that even the pink-wrapped, heart-shaped chocolates were upstaged by the magnificent message of the book.

You can get your copy by clicking on this link: Pebbles Purchase Link

You’ll also receive a Transformational Gift Pack put together by the authors, filled with inspirational resources to support your journey to greater love, health, and happiness.


YES! To the Wave for Positive Change

There’s nothing quite like the tender excitement of holding your own book in your hands for the first time! A package of books arrived from the United States. My heart danced as I sliced the cardboard box open. There they lay. Gleaming covers singing the title “Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time”.  I reached out and touched a book. I fanned the pages, filled with gratitude for the whole experience.  My thanks flew outward to Christine Kloser for putting the project together, to my co-authors, to my family for their support.  Page 210! I found my Chapter, Born Free. There I was, in print!

So-excited! Pebbles Arrived!

When Christine Kloser’s invitation to be part of the anthology Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time arrived in my inbox, a certain “Yes!” bubbled up from deep inside me. I was excited by the concept, and I knew I had to be part of the Pebbles positive wave for change!


I jumped at the opportunity to add my voice to Pebbles in the Pond in the form of a chapter from my life. At the lowest point in my life I was a single mom to my tiny, perfect baby daughter. I was alone and isolated on a seventeen-acre farm, in the throes of a dark depression and a numbing fear. I moved forward from that barren, cruel time to create a life that delights me and makes a difference to many others.


I believe it is our vulnerability and willingness to share that make us most lovable. Sharing our personal stories to connect, educate, entertain, and make sense of our realities is an ancient and powerful form of communication deeply imprinted on the human psyche. It’s a way to expand perspectives and share opinions – a means of understanding ourselves and the way we construct and deconstruct our lives. Storytelling is how we remember, how we forget, and how we begin again.


Writing for Pebbles gave me an opportunity to share my sacred seven-step blueprint for happiness and success. If the life you are living is not as you want it to be, I hope you will use this blueprint to shift gears more quickly and easily than I did. It is entirely possible to find the strength, courage, and resources within to transform your life.


You can enjoy watching me reading my chapter titled “Born Free” by clicking here. 


When you order your copy of Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time, you’ll receive the Transformation Gift Pack with a raft of excellent resources created for you by twenty of the authors whose work appears in the book. My gift, Align to Shine, includes a video entitled Make It Happen, an audio download giving you three energy tools for healing your heart, and a PDF download entitled “Align to Shine.” This gift will step you through to your happiness and success. Click on this link  to get your Transformation Gift Pack when you buy your book.


You can purchase your copy here.:


Freedom To Be Absolutely You

Take away the fear of “getting it wrong” for a moment. If you were as carefree as a child who had been fully encouraged to be themselves – spontaneous, adventurous, and developing their natural gifts – what would you be doing differently right now?


I’m excited. Three extraordinary characters motivated me to ask and answer that question for myself. If you’ve not seen Sir Ken Robinson’s Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) talk about how schools kill creativity, schedule a half hour now and watch it. It’s a funny, poignant, close-cutting spin on how children are naturally creative, how they’ll have a go, and how our educational system has sent creative subjects such as dance, drama, art, and music to the bottom of the list of desirable subjects.


Sir Ken passionately makes a case for how devastating that choice is for many individuals and for a future that is, at best, uncertain. Children are educated with an eye toward safe jobs and retirement, yet how do we know what the world will look like in five years’ time, let alone 65 years’ time?

Who can know what the future holds? Wouldn’t it be of greater value to be nurturing, nourishing, and cultivating people who are inspired and making their difference in the world in accordance with their gifts?


Today, children who need to move in order to think are often medicated for ADHD. Gillian Lynne, who choreographed Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and Miss Saigon for Andrew Lloyd Webber, escaped such a fate. In the 1930s, when she could not sit still at school, she was fortunate to have been recognized for her individual talents. Gillian was placed in a ballet school rather than on medication. How many children are we condemning to a life disconnected from their natural abilities – closed down by a system that fosters the opposite of creative excellence?


It had been a while since a speaker moved me to laugh and cry all in the space of nineteen minutes. Sir Ken’s TED talk is a wonderful example of riveting, pithy speakership with sublime use of humor. That’s another excellent reason for making time for this gem.


If Peter Gabriel had been afraid to get it wrong, would he be the outstanding musician and performer he is today? Inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected places. For an outstanding experience of a performer whose impressive career epitomizes how talent, developed, can become genius, relax to Peter Gabriel’s fabulous Down To Earth. Finding this song was an unexpected pleasure for my family. We’d rented Wall· E, a Disney movie, for our daughter. It turned out to be brilliant, tender, and definitely my favorite movie in a long time. And Down To Earth is on the Wall· E soundtrack.


Peter Gabriel is an important figure in my heritage. The memory of his chilling, beautiful song, Biko, brings tears to my eyes. I can see his 1986 Amnesty International performance as clearly as if he were right here in my study. The cause was close to home and heart; Port Elizabeth, where Steve Biko died, is just an hour from where I was at university.


Peter Gabriel is more magnificent now than he ever was. His voice is rich, deep, and mature. He demonstrates an impressive range and ease in his musical and stage artistry that I find magnetic. If Peter Gabriel were afraid to stand for who he is, would we even know his name? He backed himself, and he backs causes he’s passionate about. Then there’s his conscience and consciousness.


Our limits cap our success in all areas.

I listened to an interview on Conscious Entrepreneurship with Gay Hendricks, whose gentle wisdom I respect and admire. Of the many points I loved about what he had to say, two things stayed with me. The first is a controversial comment he made about having met more spiritual people in the boardroom among executives than in religious institutions. The other is about how personal growth is so crucial to the growth of a business.  


Hendricks talks about how education and society don’t, as a rule, encourage individuals to excel beyond imposed barriers. If you want to know how to break through your upper limits, read Hendricks’s The Big Leap. I’m finding it fascinating, and seeing positive changes already!


The themes I’m taking into my week, for which I’m grateful to Sir Ken Robinson, Peter Gabriel, and Gay Hendricks, are:

  • Freedom of expression 
  • Freedom to stand for who I am 
  • Freedom to break through my upper limits and have a go 


I’ll apply each with the intention of making each space I enter and every conversation I have better for my having contributed.


Have a great week!

What Makes a Winner’s Mind?

5 Brain Tools and 8 Win Factors That You Can Apply to Raise Your Game and Win!


Celebrate with me!  Share in the absolute joy, delight, and excitement I’m enjoying with my family right now. I jumped over the inner hurdles, stepped into what I love, committed myself to be a pebble in a transformational pond, and entered Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Writer’s Contest back in May. I submitted my proposal on July 31st. On Thursday I received an email that said – yes, you guessed it! – I’m a winner!


Of the three hundred entries submitted from all over the world, I’m in the top five who won first prizes of presenting their proposals to Marc Allen of New World Library. For anyone out there who doesn’t know, New World Library publishes Eckhardt Tolle and Shakti Gawain among other huge authors. For me, this is the coming together of twenty-five years’ work, and bang on purpose! Just wonderful acclaim.


The process of putting together a book proposal, writing a manuscript, and entering a high-profile competition has been an enriching personal journey. Of course I had every intention of contributing work of value and excellence. What more could I do? Meditate, NLP, and more. And I got curious about the Winner’s mindset.


Here are 5 Brain Tools and 8 Win Factors that you can apply to raise your game and win!


I wanted to supplement my Neuro Linguistic Programming knowledge ( that clearly worked! Woooohooo!) in my research. I found a book entitled The Winner’s Brain, published by two Harvard-trained experts, Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske. They list a five brainpower toolset that matches neuroscience with the psychology that “great minds use to achieve success.” I trust these will be of value and interest to you.


5 Brain Tools:

1. Opportunity Radar: It is so often said that problems harbor great opportunities – if we can see them!  This is a rather entrepreneurial skill of seeing the possibilities within situations that you just happen to be around, at the right time, and then following your instincts. I was online late one night and saw Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Writing Contest via a link, and I knew I had to be in it. I signed up then and there.

2.Optimal Risk Gauge: This tool takes evaluating the costs and the potential impacts, losses, and gains, and making as informed a decision as possible within the ecology of your life. The costs to me were in time and money. The main resource I would have to plow in was time. I was already committed to the concept, as I knew this was the year of my book!

3. Goal Laser: This is the commitment and discipline aspect. I knew I had to clear space and organize my client schedule and my family commitments in order to manage the deadline for the contest along with my already full schedule. And I learned about my personal physical limitations along the way. While it is possible to run on just three hours’ sleep a night for nearly three weeks, it’s clearly not sustainable. I had to carve space by letting some of my regular commitments slide while I completed my manuscript, allowing for certain non-negotiables such as quality time with my daughter.

4. Effort Accelerator: This tool is about the discipline and focus needed to get on with the job and not be sucked into other tasks, dramas, and procrastination. I believe this is a practice. In my book there are fantastic strategies for overcoming procrastination and feelings of being overwhelmed!

5. Talent Meter: This is about taking sober stock of your abilities and strengths, and areas in which improvement is needed. I view the whole process as a wonderful learning opportunity! I have gained so much personal and practical knowledge by jumping in and having a go.


8 Win Factors

These are the key qualities to develop if you want to be a winner!  To check in with yourself on where you need to be to rock your goals and visions, score each on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is almost none, and 10 is peak performance.

1. Self-Awareness
Know yourself and build a stable sense of self, and then share that. Your authenticity will serve you well.

2. Motivation
Consistently do what it takes to progress. Daniel Pink’s book, Drive, is an outstanding resource on motivation.

3. Focus
Gain clarity on what needs to be done and what needs to be done first, and then block time and do it.

4. Emotional Balance
Recognize your triggers and decide to adjust your emotional state to serve your desired outcomes. Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) offers some outstanding tools, techniques, and strategies for doing this, and meditation is a tried and trusted way to regain control of emotions that threaten to scupper your success.

5. Memory
Be selective about the past experiences you allow to inform you. Use your memory to predict future results in alignment with your goals. Be present and look forward.

6. Resilience
My grandmother used to say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try again.” She was wise. The winner’s brain reframes so-called mistakes as learning opportunities and feedback. I think it is a practice to bounce back tenaciously, believing that each blow brings one closer to the win!

7. Adaptability
In NLP, the law of requisite variety states that the person with the greatest flexibility controls the space. In this application, the plasticity of the ever-changing brain is considered an asset to a winner. By changing your thinking, you can literally change the shape of your brain. In NLP, through a sequence of techniques, new neural pathways can be created. Yoga, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy are also known to assist the brain in adapting. Anxious, busy minds can be calmed and emotional detachment achieved. Brainstem nuclei thicken, increasing serotonin and causing a feeling of well-being.

8. Brain Care
Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske recommend seven or eight hours’ sleep a night, exercise, rich and meaningful experiences, and eating a diet that includes fish, eggs, nuts, apples, and blueberries. The point I want to address is getting enough sleep!


I’d love to hear about the tool that’s easiest for you to employ, and the one that challenges you most, and YOUR win story to add to the celebration!


I’d like to conclude with the words of a real winner, Steve Jobs, who died on Thursday, October 6th, 2011. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Conspiring for your success and celebrating wins – yours, Steve Jobs’s, and mine!

Givers Get

Something got me excited about the way Tony Robbins eloquently said that it’s only when contributing to society in some way that one feels of value; when one doesn’t, that’s the space of one’s demise.


How logical! When in the flow of creating and providing useful, relevant, meaningful solutions for others, there is a true sense of upliftment and joy. When the ever-diminishing circles of focus become self, fear, and scarcity, there is only implosion.

“It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.” – Ethel Percy Andrus
In The One Minute Millionaire, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen remind us that:

1. Givers get. Your generosity ensures your security (my explanation).
2. It all starts with a dream, so allow yourself to dream big (or “cast a wide net,” I say).
3. Everyone manifests. If you don’ t have what you want, ask yourself, “How did I create this?”
4. Abundance is your natural state.
5. You are your wealth. All that you need is a good idea and commitment to back it. The rest can be borrowed.
6. Your wealth is your freedom. The six great freedoms being money freedom, time freedom, relationship freedom, spiritual freedom, physical freedom, and the freedom to explore your genius.

If you haven’t read The One Minute Millionaire, run and find yourself a copy. The information in this book is communicated through a narrative – a great story that runs down the right-hand pages of the book – and, for those who are left-brained, a more factual approach races down the left-hand pages. It’s a read that’s hard to put down, whichever way you read. It talks about conscious, enlightened, generous wealth-making, and the six freedoms that result from stepping into your capacity to provide prosperously (my language).


In preparation for Matt Church’s “Millionaire Expert” two-day event in Sydney, one of the 53 declarations I wrote was: “Give to live: To earn the right to be here on the Earth plane and to continue to be abundant, give wholeheartedly and teach giving.” It is always in the giving of great value to others that fulfillment rests, as well as wealth on all levels.


Just in case you’re interested in a delicious definition of wealth, Deepak Chopra’s description resonates:

  • the progressive realization of worthy goals
  • the ability to love and have compassion
  • good health
  • meaningful, caring relationships
  • the ability to get in touch with the creative power inside you
  • the state of awareness in these tumbling times in which you find opportunities

Parallel processes need to be running in order to:

1. clarify your vision
2. work out your offering
3. master your state and your choices
4. get yourself into a congruent position, in which your desire aligns with your belief and your self-esteem, so that you can accept a worthy trade for your solution

Conscious action must align with unconscious backing. Physical power must be plugged in to subtle system navigation.

The Secret
The efficient functioning of seven major, subtle, system processors that drive the physical creates results! In other words, for your contribution explosion to channel the river of receiving to flow back to you, it’s necessary to know how to clear, align, and vitalize your subtle energy system. If this is getting a little esoteric, relax. There’s a down-to-earth, “Lifting your Limits” plug-in on the horizon.


“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.”
– Anthony Robbins 

Why The Secret Fell So Far Short of the Mark

Most people will never know. It’s time you knew!


Your vision board is in place, your focus is on having achieved your desired outcome, and yet still there seems little evidence of the life that you see yourself living unfolding around you. Been there? Maybe you’re still there.


The truth is that we are creating our futures in every moment, with all of the push and pull of the conscious and unconscious beliefs that steer us. And that isn’t the whole story either. Have you ever wondered why The Secret fell so far short of being the complete recipe it was cut out to be? The cake was hollow in the middle, because only one of the seven Universal Spiritual Laws of Nature were shared. That makes me crazy!

Most people will never know about the remaining six Universal Laws, let alone learn to apply them to make their dreams into reality. If you’re feeling depleted, fearful, anxious, or depressed, chances are that you’re unplugged from the Ultimate Energy Source of All. Our outer reality is a complete reflection of our inner reality. With the Universal Laws tucked neatly under your belt, it’s actually simple to experience more success, freedom, abundance, and joy than you imagined possible.


Coming to grips with these profound, ancient concepts can mean the difference between lack and hopelessness, and wealth, wellness, and wonderful times.


It’s possible that you do know the missing laws, however the art is in the application. It’s a dance between awareness and appropriate action-taking. The universe is of energy – everything is energy. As you take action, energy must move. The more change you need to make, the more energy must be moved in creating the change.

There is a dynamic precision to the workings of the Universal Laws, and they are as reliable as gravity. If you drop a cup, it will fall to the floor – gravity makes no distinction regarding the color of the cup or whether it held tea, coffee, or hot water and lemon. As long as you’re aligned, the Universal Laws are as certain as the pull of gravity as we know it on Earth.

1. The Law of Attraction, also known as Sowing and Reaping, or Cause and Effect
This first law brings in what is wanted, and also what is not wanted, depending on your focus. Like attracts like, after all. And energy flows where your focus goes. It is also said that that which you think about, expands. Whatever is sent out into the Universe attracts energies of equal frequency, vibration, and resonance. In a way, a matching signal is pulled in. Emotions and thoughts are energy. What we think about beams out a signal of a particular frequency, and a matching signal is powered back to the source of that signal. If you send out gratitude, love, or abundance, those resonances find their way directly back to you. If you are feeling unworthy and not good enough – even on a deep level, and even if you are not voicing those thoughts – lack will boomerang back.

“Every moment of happiness, every moment of sadness, every kindness, every critical thought adds its consequences to the blueprint of the world.” –Harry Palmer

A key practice is to learn not to attract those things that you don’t intend or want, and to purposefully, intentionally, consciously attract those things that you do desire. Be aware of what you are giving your attention to. Focus on positive resourcing. Deliberately choose your thoughts and feelings. If need be, catch yourself when scarcity and can’t or fear creeps in, and say, “Stop!” out loud. Say, “I choose abundance and joy!”

If the specifics aren’t apparent, and you don’t know what you want or where you want to go in your life, leaf through magazines and pull out pictures and words that attract you. Piece them together on your vision board, and let the answers that were within you all along emerge in their rightful time. Take fifteen minutes each day to work on your “This is what I want” list. Keep the contents to yourself as you allow it to evolve and change. Celebrate your emerging desires by giving yourself permission to feel fantastic about them!

2. The Law of Deliberate Creation
When you think about something that you desire, with belief and expectation, you are then well placed to receive it. That which you give thought to, you begin to attract. What you give thought to with emotion, you attract more quickly.

This is where intentionality, backed with feeling and focus, make all the difference – the difference between poverty and wealth, or sorrow and great delight.

3. The Law of Allowing
If you want to experience absolute freedom, then master this one! The Law of Allowing calls on you to be you – to feel free in your relationships, to be who you really are, and to feel free to create what you dream of. I call this one the Celebration of Difference.

When you learn to apply the Law of Allowing, you are being your truth. You are in a state of acceptance. You are declaring, “I am that which I am.” You are even further declaring, “While I am who I am, I allow others to be who they are.” Our difference, uniqueness, and individuality just are. And there are many similarities, too. This is a space of non- judgment.

One aspect of this law is to be open to receiving, and to know that the Universe will deliver all that you desire so long as you are also following the Law of Deliberate Creation, allowing the Universe to bring in all that you desire. Each morning on my walk, I say, “Today I am fully open to receiving the gifts, rewards, and wonderful surprises of the Universe.”

When you are not allowing, you are resisting. Resistance is energy kept from moving, preventing love, peace, and positivity from flowing freely.

This law is a great antidote to codependency in relationships. Terry Cole- Whittaker, in What You Think of Me Is None of My Business, wrote:
“I love and support you to be all that you are and all that you are not. I love and support myself to be all that I am and all that I am not. We are in this relationship because we choose to be and not because we have to be. I will not harm you or harm myself. Each of us is capable of being, doing and having what we want. Each releases the other from the responsibility of being his or her source and the provider of happiness and well-being. We acknowledge that God is the source; people are the avenues. Yes, from time to time when I’m giving myself the permission to love myself, it may appear to you that you are the one who has showered me with love feelings. The reality is that the love feelings I feel when I am with you come out of me.”

4. The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance
If you feel unworthy, or that nothing is ever enough, or that what you are doing is not enough (that one’s close to the bone for me!), then that is what you’ll be attracting into your life. The truth is that there is an infinite supply of everything that is good and abundant, and we are able to create exactly what we want. It’s also true that we’re growing beings, and that it is in our natures to want more. How do you know it’s time to have enough? To be enough? What would it be like if you chose to align your thoughts and emotions with abundance right now? You have everything you need right now, inside you, to forge great wealth and reach your goals. You are enough. You have everything within to create the relationships, the work opportunities, and the wealth that you desire.

Abundance is your birthright and it is who you are. Abundance is your natural state. Open yourself to the free flow of energy and plug in to the plenty. I like to visualize literally plugging in to the abundance that flows everywhere and right through me. The part I’m working on is building the reserve. Abundance includes having a reserve.

I have to work at “it’s never enough.” I never seem to complete enough in a day, or read enough, or feel slim enough. I know that until I have conquered this one (again), the true abundance that I know I am capable of experiencing and sharing cannot be mine. Life is the journey of knowing, applying, and revisiting old patterns, and conquering them differently. Can you relate? It’s all about a change of attitude – an essential reframing.

What I’m doing to master this one:
A. Practicing gratitude for everything that I have in my life right now – really feeling into the gratitude. And that is so easy! I have the most gorgeous little girl, I live in paradise, I adore my work, I’m safe and free, and…. Choose three to five things each day for which you are truly grateful, and remember to give thanks, compliments, and appreciation – liberally!

B. Intentionally making the space for good things to flood into my life and clearing out stuff that I no longer want or need – yesterday I cleared everything out of my wardrobe that didn’t make me feel gorgeous, and I gave three bags of clothes to the charity shop this morning. I felt so good about that.

C. Realizing that I carry anger that is old, stale, and so “last-season” – suppressed rage hurts its holder more than anyone else. I journal, paint, run, or dance hard to express the rage and hurt. Burn the anger that’s inside, and then practice compassion and forgiveness for ten minutes every day.

The Compassion Exercise 
Honesty with one’s self leads to compassion for others.
OBJECTIVE: To increase the amount of compassion in the world.
EXPECTED RESULTS: A personal sense of peace.
INSTRUCTIONS: This exercise can be done anywhere that people congregate (airports, malls, parks, beaches, etc.). It should be done with strangers, unobtrusively, from some distance. Try to do all five steps with the same person.

Step 1: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
“Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life.”

Step 2: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
“Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.”

Step 3: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
“Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness, and despair.”

Step 4: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
“Just like me, this person is seeking to fulfill his/her needs.”

Step 5: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
“Just like me, this person is learning about life.”

With thanks to Harry Palmer (author of The Avatar Path)

5. The Law of Pure Potentiality
The heart of this law is that we are the essence of consciousness – pure consciousness – held in the quantum soup of unfolding moments of now. Breathe! I know that’s a big one! At the point that we realize that our innermost being – the life force that animates body, mind, and spirit – is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power and potency that creates everything in the Universe.

How do you feel when you are watching a sunrise or sunset, or the waves crashing against rocks way below, or when you are diving with dolphins and whales? Communing with nature gives us the opportunity to be part of all things, and to witness the magnificence, intelligence, and potentiality within all things. How different is this feeling from experiencing the limits we perceive in life?

You are, in essence, part of pure potentiality. Take on being in the “as if zone.” Act “as if” you are part of the Source of All, and then you will be pure potentiality. This is why daily meditation is so powerful. It generates time alone to be at one with the Source of all things, and to truly know peace from the heart. When the conduit is clear, and you feel at peace, you are pure potentiality.

It is from this space that anything is possible. I know this to be true. Two months ago, my sight was failing in my right eye. Now my sight has been fully restored. Medically impossible, yet true. This from a place of pure potentiality.

6. The Law of Detachment
The power of non-attachment comes into play with this law. In order to have anything in the physical world, it is said that you must relinquish your attachment to it.

This law is about absolute trust and being aligned with whatever outcome happens. Then we do not get in our own way. In a sense, this law is about allowance. It is about creating clear intention (deliberate creation), taking action steps, feeling the desired outcome, letting go, and being in trust.

This is the state I create with my coaching and mentoring clients. I learned twenty-five years ago, when I began my journey as a healer, that the place from which I could most serve a client was non-attachment to the outcome of the healing intervention. I support the journey with everything I know and can bring through, and then let go and let the Divine work through me, through us, and beyond – for whatever outcome will be. My intention is always for the highest good. In that place, the Law of Detachment is easy and inevitable.

7. The Law of Polarity
The coexistence of two opposites is in everything. In knowing this, all transformation becomes possible. There is a dynamic continuum between the poles, and to experience one aspect means that the other may be known. Deep sorrow can become joy, and calm can exist at the midpoint. Or not.

The Law of Polarity is about the metaphysical and the physical. In order to have what you most intend to bring into your life, there must be action and energy, intention and doing, alignment with pure potentiality and tactical steps. Our true success, health, and wealth lies in combining opposites – engagement and action in the physical world, and energy work on the metaphysical level.

Now you have the 7 Universal Laws. As you align and master action and energy work, may success, health, and wealth be yours.

How to Plan

Excitement mounted as the finishing touches were added to the video of me reading “Born Free,” my chapter to be included in Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time ( May 2012). I loved the entire creative process, reveling in each aspect, from writing the chapter to designing the video; recording it; selecting images; liaising with Graeme, the video guy; monitoring the editing process; and finally sending the link to my awesome social media navigator, Tami, so she could spin her wonder with it on the web to serve the rippling pebbles transformational community – and you!


As I sat back sipping mango-chili tea, uplifted by completion, enjoying the fabulous results of hours of mindful work, I asked myself, “What did you learn, and what would you really like to share that may be of use to others?”

Let me share the underbelly of the project so that you get a glimpse not just of the glamor, but also of the guts of gathering this small work together.


For my 7 Keys to Calm, Productive, Purposeful Planning, read on.

Most of my learning was around planning. The video recording of “Born Free” is one of many projects I have on the go right now. Along with generating new content and continuing with my commitment to excellence in supporting my existing clients, in the past two weeks I have delivered “How to Have Your Thriving Coaching Business in Topsy-Turvy Times” for the International Coach Federation,  “So What’s the Fuss about NLP?” and “How To Have Your Best Year Yet.” Each of these seminars required follow-up to honor the fantastic people I met, but I hadn’t allocated enough time for follow-up! My plan had to undergo a revision.


I had my timeline all laid out. My organization for the year was shaped around the launch of my book Hot Confidence on June 19, 2012, and the Pebbles in the Pond launch a month earlier on May 20 (the day before my birthday, so no way I can mix that up!). Planning included the seminars I was committed to, and those I intended to run. My schedule took care of the launch of my new website, my book website, my radio show, and the launch of Your Unique System – the coaching program I’m now proud to be offering.


Then my chapter was chosen for inclusion in the opt-in for publicizing Pebbles in the Pond, which was fantastic! This meant calling on flexibility to reprioritize my map of the world for the early part of 2012 in order to have the necessary pieces in place to support the flow of that wonderful opportunity.


What was key to successful planning? How was overwhelm kept at bay? How did I remain true to course and cause?


Here are my 7 Keys to Calm, Productive, Purposeful Planning:


1. Take care of the basics. I ensure that I have no fewer than seven hours’ sleep a night; my early morning meditation, exercise routine, and walk are non-negotiable; my relationship with my daughter and partner are a priority; and touch and hugs are fully in my life. I endeavor to keep my relationships crystal clear.


2. Stay connected with your personal mission and purpose, and make all decisions in accordance with those core factors. Reminding myself to align with my path helps me to decide how to select my priorities.


3. Identify critical points. Critical points include external dates, such as deadlines that must be met – either my own or those set by others that I choose to make important. They include personal dates, such as the first week of school or my daughter’s birthday party; vocational and work elements, such as the High Tea Launch I have scheduled for Pebbles in the Pond; breakthrough consulting days; coaching and mentoring already scheduled with clients; and dates for travel.


4. Once my critical points have been decided on and committed to, it becomes possible to choose what needs to be attended to first.


5. Get present and widen back. This key has been pure gold. This is when I remind myself that there is a bigger picture, and that there are always gains and losses involved in making a decision to attend to one aspect rather than another. This key allows me to keep things in perspective. It is so tempting to head off down the track of making something that could be simple into a complex extravaganza! I’ve been known to over-deliver, and that is not always a good thing. Nor is it strategic. I have learned that my tendency to do too much has cost me health, finances, and possibly even clients (isn’t that ironic?).


6. Lay out the plan in writing. No more than six or seven items on the list for completion, including exercise and meditation!


7. Plan the first step of the first point and get onto it. Immediately.

Beginning is the ultimate secret in staving off the stress of having too much to do. Finishing a project is a valuable skill to be mastered, as is taking the necessary steps along the way, whether I feel like it or not. To sum up: Identify your critical points, set your course, begin, keep taking action, and complete. Remain flexible, present, and aligned to the essence of you, while staying connected to your endgame. Happy and productive planning to you!