Have you wondered lately whether you are getting what you are worth?

Are you ready to free yourself to Maximise What You Are Worth and Get it?

We live in interesting times, straddling paradigms. The global economy is floundering. Politico’s are exploiting financial instability, oil and us. We are being cleverly manipulated worldwide by governments into a fully intentional frenzy of hidden taxes, covert martial law, and fear driven destabilization.

We’re riding the end of an old order, still slap-bang in it’s midst. Deepak Chopra calls for a shift. His banner is for peace instead of war, a green economy, nurturance of the ecosystem – and – to reach for “the kingdom of heaven inside you”.

That’s a worthy vision and I fully agree, yet it doesn’t address getting what you know you are worth in the tail end of this crumbling order, or fully knowing your worth as the tide of change sweeps us along. Is it enough to “reach for the kingdom of heaven inside you?”

Getting what you’re worth is all about the personal meaning you give to Money, Your Worth and Your Wealth in the World. And that is made up of your values, your beliefs and the resulting choices you make.

How you view your worth is a reflection of your self-esteem if you’re feeling edgy about this important subject and my raising it – then that’s an indication some courageous inner work may benefit. Is that cheeky?
The relationship most have with money, Deepak Chopra encapsulated as follows: “You spend money to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like” As at the time of the interview, Deepak is quoted as stating that only 2% of the 2.9 Trillion dollars spent worldwide is on meaningful goods and services (and I should imagine, survival.)

This begs two crucial questions –
1. What is “meaningful”?
2. Who is to make a judgment call on that?

Whilst Deepak’s point is clear about reckless squandering of the money, how meaning is derived is driven by our values and beliefs.

“There is not one big cosmic meaning for all, there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.” Anais Nin

Deepak Chopra described wealth as
• the progressive realisation of worthy goals
• the ability to love and have compassion
• good health
• meaningful, caring relationships
• the ability to get in touch with the creative power inside you
• the state of awareness in these tumbling times in which you find opportunities

Deepak’s definition of Wealth embraces core qualities, states and required actions. I like that. Certainly, in line with the basic tenets of Positive Psychology, creating Resilience in Individuals and even Entrepreneurial Mindset.

It seems to me that there are 5 steps (“The Get Your Worth 5”) that are applicable within the current paradigm, would serve the straddle (they are for me), and hold weight whatever the new order brings. Applying The Get Your Worth 5 could shape the worry-free world you dream of.

1. Clarifying Your Vision
2. Mastery over your state and your choices about your worth.
3. Knowing Precisely Who your Vision Benefits
4. Knowing How to Communicate that Benefit in such a way that You are the Only and the Obvious Solution
5. Accepting a Worthy Trade for your Solution
Applying The Get Your Worth 5 could shape the worry-free world you dream of.

“It’s never about the money” – don’t you hate it when the wise winners and big dollar cruisers say that? Isn’t it maddening that it’s true! How you conduct yourself and attract opportunities is always about
your worth,
your purpose,
your big enough reason to leap out of bed in the morning and get on with smart living.

Be bold! Put into your words what wealth is to you. When you can speak it, you’re closer to having it than you’ve ever been.

Add your own definition of Wealth and you’re Free to Maximize and Magnetize What You Are Worth.

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