Did you bounce out of bed this morning, or did you pull the covers over your head, wishing it weren’t morning yet? 


I woke early, full of joy and vitality, thankful for my life. The sounds of my daughter singing mingled with birdsong. The sky was blue and the day was sunny and warm, with the promise of yet another busy and fulfilling week ahead. 


It wasn’t always this way. Even when I let myself go through the motions of beach walks and body-surfing on Sundays, I struggled to keep thoughts of what I “should” be doing at bay, and couldn’t wait to get back to my desk, pushing the feelings of anxiety down far enough to get through the day. It was a struggle. If this is you, take heart! It is possible to turn the internal tide right around and realize that building positive reference points is only a choice.


Optimists are happier, healthier, more productive, and live longer. Ninety-five percent of the negative and challenging experiences and communications we have stick in our minds, while only 5 percent of the positives stick. That’s why it’s easier to recall things that were said to you that undermined you rather than encouraging, supportive perspectives. I’d like you to share in that flow of happiness, good fortune, and success. 


Here are key beliefs that have turned my world to gold in every way:


An experience or situation only has the meaning you give it.  
As I write this, all of the work I have created over the past months is being edited by other people. My book, Hot Confidence: Conscious Pathways to Take You from Mini Me to Magnificent, the video content for my new website, and the audios I have recorded, are all in the hands of others. It would be all too easy to become frustrated as I wait on others who are also doing their lives and to whom my finished lines may not be as important as they are to me. I have chosen to make the delays I am experiencing mean that everything happens in its rightful time, and progress on all fronts is sweet. I’m also doing all I can on my end to facilitate movement.


Positivity is a choice, and you have the power to choose.
Have you noticed how easily the attitudes of bubble-bursters pervade, lower the tone, and reduce available choice? When I chose to move into gratitude this morning, and to take time to attend to maintaining my core business, I felt excited. I also noticed how often the phone rang with opportunities within the first hour of my day. That’s quantum for you! It is impossible to be in fear if you are in gratitude or positivity.


What you focus on, you get.
Within three months of deciding that I wanted to be a successful author, I won Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Writing Contest. Within four weeks of committing to a specific monthly income, I surpassed that figure. What are you focusing on? Focus means committing to an outcome and taking action on achieving it. It takes planning and plunging into the doing to reap rewards. 


Reframe your experience to live into your best possible outcome.
The skill of reframing an experience can be learned and practiced, and can become as natural and automatic as breathing. When something awesome happens, decide to be the reason it went well. Own the joys and successes in your life. 


Build a buffer of resilience.
Building up positive reference points develops a buffer of resilience, so that when you face hard times you can find your way through growth more easily and bounce back more quickly. The more I decided to take quantum physics seriously and live into the feelings and experiences I wanted to bring in for myself, my family, and my clients, the more I had (and continue to have) those experiences. It is absolutely true that you attract the frequency you are! As I looked across the brightly bobbing helium balloons and smiling faces of twenty-four children and their parents at Mira’s recent sixth birthday party, felt the power of a pivotal shift as one of my clients claimed her clear business values, celebrated my best month financially in ten years, and delighted in being fully loved and loving on Valentine’s Day, I enjoyed living the proof that what quantum physics claims – is true! 

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